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How to Level your Fitness Skills FAST in BDO

How to Level your Fitness Skills FAST in BDO

Separately from your character combat exp and skill exp, there are also 3 separate passive attributes that every character has: strength, breath, and health that are all important for your characters progress, and these are all leveled in different ways. Today’s guide is going to describe what these 3 stats do, as well as how to level them up!

To start, what do these stats do?

  • Breath: Gives your character more stamina. Allows you to use certain skills that cost stamina more frequently and sprint for longer.
  • Strength: Increases your character’s weight limit, aka your carrying capacity.
  • Health: Increases your HP.

These stats all level in different ways, and have a couple of ways to level them.

  • To level breath, the easiest thing to do is obviously just run around. You will just passively level breath by walking from place to place, but you can also AFK level your breath by setting an auto-path in a town by opening your map, and while holding Alt, right click different spots on your map. When your path makes a loop, itll turn green. If you want to just run in a line, you can right click a spot on your map and click save auto looped path. You will then also be presented with an option to save this path in case you want to use it later. Then, simply leave your character running around.
  • You can level your strength in a very similar fashion, but obviously to make some gains in strength you need to be carrying something heavy. To do this, talk to a trade manager (they’re usually near the stables), and click trade. From there, you can basically buy any goods that they have with the goal of making yourself over-encumbered. Once you have the pack on your back and are carrying too much weight, you’ll do what you did similarly to training breath, and set an auto-looped path for yourself.
  • Leveling health is pretty easy, and can be done by simply eating food in game. If you want to get buffs from this food, find a cheap Yellow quality food such as the serendia meal (which also gives some solid buffs) and eat this on cooldown. Yellow and orange quality foods give the same amount of health experience, so you’ll save some money in the long run by eating the yellow quality food on CD over the orange quality food.

There is also another way to level up your strength, breath, and health and that is via juices. These are often given as level up rewards or season rewards, but there are others ways to get these too! You can acquire them via the loyalty shop, the guild shop, or if your guild participates in node wars, you can talk to the war vendor for the tier of node war your guild participates in and buy some there. These are an AMAZING way to level your fitness skills fast and if your guild participates in wars, i highly recommend grabbing these from the war vendor on the weeks your guild wins. However, these can only be used to get your fitness skills to level 29. From there, you rely on the methods I’ve mentioned earlier in the guide. In terms of how high you can get your fitness stats, as far as I can tell, these max out at level 55!