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BDO Top 10 Tips for New Players

BDO Top 10 Tips for New Players

Black Desert Online has a lot of aspects to it and it can be daunting to get into as a new player, but this video will give you guys my TOP 10 tips on how to get started in BDO as a newbie! If you want to find a quick version of the video with just the tips listed, you can find them below!

  1. Follow the main quest.
  2. Make sure you do things when you’re afk! (Fish, walk around, carry pack).
  3. Sell things you don’t need as a newbie!
  4. Eat food on cooldown .
  5. Don’t bind combo skills
  6. Talk to all NPCs with a ? above their head to gain knowledge and energy.
  7. Join a guild.
  8. Stay on the Olvia servers as long as you can!
  9. Making alts is a good thing!
  10. Marathon not a sprint.


The 10 tips listed above are still totally relevant in 2021! But, for this year, I wanted to give you guys 10 brand new tips to build off of the original 10. These go in depth a little bit more with certain things involved in the transition from being a brand new player to the “mid game”, and hopefully you find them to be helpful!

  1. Getting your pets and fairy are very important! (loot, extra perks, etc).
  2. Spend pearls wisely (prioritize account-wide things such as value pack, pets, maids/butlers, campsite. If you have extra, look to get inventory space and weight)
  3. Complete the adventure logs for additional stats!
  4. Getting a good horse is extremely important (T8 non-courser, prioritizing sprint, drift and instant acceleration)
  5. Setup a node, housing and worker system that works for your needs!
  6. When there are active season servers, make new characters on those servers.
  7. Oasis vendor is a good way to get good items for cheap!
  8. Turn the Naru gear from your questing into Narchillian gear.
  9. Get The Infinite Potion!
  10. Get the shared Family Inventory and store consumables worker food, pet food and horse food in that storage!