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The Bears’ Den Stream Team


Dottz Gaming is the head of the stream team, as well as the owner and creator of Dottzgaming.com, the Dottz Gaming YouTube channel and Twitch stream. Dottz started playing ESO in early 2017 and dedicated himself to learn as much about the game as he possibly could, using that knowledge to help other players on their adventures in game. His content has shifted focus though, moving from a single-game creator to wanting to cover multiple games, with his primary shift being towards World of Warcraft! Dottz's primary focus is on creating beginner guides for the games he plays frequently, as well as PvP focused guides and content for said games! While he always strives to be one of the best at what he does in game, above all else, Dottz's goal is to have fun and enjoy gaming, while sharing that enjoyment with others.


Hello friends! They call me D_Ho, I’m in the army national guard and from south east United States. I’m just a dude that likes playing games and I’m looking to expand the hobby! I main ESO and enjoy a lot of other games as well like FPS and single player rpg. My friends recently got me into league of legends as well. My schedule is few and far between at the moment due to being overseas, but I will have a regular schedule upon return. Also, the name D_Ho is a abbreviation of my IRL name, not anything derogatory. My friends have called me D_Ho since I was about 16.


I am a Grandma for sure! I have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter and a step-granddaughter. I love the enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonder of the children 🙂 I have been gaming since WoW (beta) on and off, and played Dark Age of Camelot, Lord of the Rings Online, and many others on my way to Elder Scrolls Online! I mainly heal - sometimes tank - and try to DPS, mostly for myself. I've been known to drop some serious coin on housing furnishings and recipes and LOVE what housing in ESO offers. Visit my primary house (Clockwork City) which is a B&B and open to all visitors! I may change it in the future but with an add-on called Port To Friends, you can get there any time! Enjoy the game YOUR way and come visit and say HI!


Gamer, Streamer, and Dungeons and Dragons Nerd, ya know, all the cool stuff that you totally won’t get made fun of for. I’m here mostly just to have some fun, provide a chill place to hang out, and if I’m lucky, I can help some people on their journey to learn the game. So come and stop by my stream! I am always happy to answer any questions if I know them, and point you in the right direction when I haven’t got a clue.


For all those who don't know, yes I'm a girl who plays games, and yes, I'm not too bad at them either depending on the game. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions on which games you'd like me to play, please leave a comment on one of my YouTube videos or let me know during a live stream! I'm currently playing for the PS4: DC Universe Online, Warframe, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, Amnesia, & The Last of Us Remastered.


Hello everyone! My name is Nirnstorm, also known as Nirn or Rue. I am a content creator and streamer of The Elder Scrolls Online. I mainly focus on PvP, usually playing Dragonknights, Templars and Wardens. I like helping new players learn the game and how to PvP and play their classes efficiently - so feel free to contact me through any media if you have any questions or requests! In addition to TESO, I also play and stream additional games such as HearthStone and Subnauitca every now and then.


Heyo! I’m GandTheImpaler, ESO player and Class Representative. I am a long time, passionate Elder Scrolls Online player and have been playing for years now, though am not limited to said game. I play a variety of other games like League of Legends, Call of Duty among many more. I am always looking to help and teach in any game I find myself being in a knowledgeable position and do so in various ESO guilds. Don’t hesitate to contact me on either Twitter or Discord!


Hey guys its CollyTV, ESO lover and servant of the Queen. I am a passionate ESO community member and revolve my play around The Altmer of the Aldemiri Dominion across multiple classes. Im here to show the fun side of MMO communities and help new players in any way I can along the jounrney! If you're after tips, tricks, vet content and some PVP you're in the right place!


Hi, I'm NyassaV, Nya for short! I enjoy making content from the elder scrolls online and use YouTube and Twitch as a way to showcase my gameplay, teach others and archive for goofy things I do! I suppose you could say I am a noncommittal content creator of sorts.