Support the Site

How can I help?

If you want to go above and beyond just watching the YouTube videos and live streams, there are other ways you can support me,, and continue to help me do what I do.  One day if enough revenue is generated through Dottz Gaming, I may be able to consider making this a full time venture.


If you come to my site often, you can setup a monthly donation to support the site. This comes with a host of additional benefits based on the tier you sign up for. If you’re interested in become a Patron, click here.

Twitch Subscription

If you are a fan of my streams, you can support me through a subscription on Twitch!  If you sign-up to be a subscriber, you can set-up a monthly donation ($4.99, $9.99, or $24.99) to support the channel, and in return you get a custom in-chat badge, access to custom emotes, 2x multiplier on giveaway entries and a special rank in discord!  If you’re interested in become a subscriber, click here.


PayPal is the most convenient and easiest way to make a one-time donation.  If you’re interested in donating, click here.

In-Game Donations

Creating and testing builds takes a ton of time, and having materials or gold in game saves me that time needed to play more and test.  If you have extra CP160+ crafting materials or gold and want to help fund my in-game activity, you can send them to me on PC NA @Dottzgaming.  All in-game donations are shouted out on stream, just as the Paypal, Subscriber and Patreon donations are.

Disabling Ad-Blockers

The primary way that generates revenue is through ads placed on the website.  I did my best to place the ads in non-intrusive spots that wouldn’t diminish your experience on the website, nor make you feel like you’re being flooded with ads. So if you want a free way to help support me, disabling you ad-blocker for this website would go a long way!