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Beginners Guide to Pets in BDO

Beginners Guide to Pets in BDO

In other games, pets are normally just cosmetic friends that can follow you around, but in BDO they play a very important role: they’re your form of auto loot. Having good pets is necessary to being able to grind at top speeds, while making sure no items are left on the ground. Today, I’m going to discuss the basics of the pet system, so you know how you can get yourself started with getting the best pets possible!

You can have up to 5 active pets at once, and pets are acquired through a variety of different methods. In the past, pets were primarily obtained through the pearl shop, and this attributed to one of the biggest arguments about BDO being pay to win even for the average player. However, this has changed a lot over the years, and you can actually get a full roster of free pets in the game.

Getting Started with Free Pets

To get started obtaining these pets, open the quest window by pressing O, and then click the suggested tab. Look for quests that say [ADV Support] Pets, Loyal Companions. The 5 free pets you can get are:

  • Bartali’s Buster (Dog) | Requirement: Complete Balenos or Everfrost Main Quest Line
  • Lauren’s Fluffy (Rabbit) | Requirement: Complete Serendia or Everfrost Main Quest Line
  • Kalis’ Delphe (Sky Hawk) | Requirement: Complete Calpheon or Everfrost Main Quest Line
  • Bareed’s Junaid (Cat) | Requirement: Complete the Mediah Quest Line
  • Marumin’s Squaky (Scarlet Macaw) | Requirement: Complete the Valencia questline

If you dont want to quest for pets or buy pets off of the pearl shop, another way to obtain them is through buying them on the marketplace. BDO also does frequently give out pets through login rewards, so making sure to play will increase your odds of getting one of those pet rewards.

Pet Perks and Tiers

Pet’s have some additional perks besides just autolooting. They also have special skills associated with them that give pets unique properties. For example, the hedgehog increases how much you get from gathering, the penguin decreases auto-fishing time, etc. They also have a talent skill associated with them that usually gives a passive bonus. Again as an example, the Polar Bear gives extra weight, while the Hedgehog gives life experience. Pets also have tiers, starting at tier 1 and going up to tier 5. As you increase the tiers, you also increase the potency of these passives, auto-loot speed, and also add additional talents skills with each tier, except for between t4 and t5 where the pets remain the same unless they’re appointed your pack leader.

Speaking of which, with the latest patch, they’ve also added tier 5 pets. Overall, these act the same as tier 4 pets except when they’re your pack leader! You can appoint one of your tier 5 pets to pack leader which will increase the potency of its base talent and it’ll have all your pets loot faster!

Feeding Pets

When you use your pets, similarly to workers, they need to be fed. You can feed pets from your inventory or family inventory with a variety of pet foods. If your pets feed amount hits zero, they will no longer loot for you until you feed them again. To feed your pets, click the paw icon at the top left to open the pet window and then click Feed All to feed your pets. You can cook pet food yourself, or buy it off of the marketplace.

Increasing Pet Levels and Tiers

In addition to the tiers I’ve mentioned, pets have levels. Pets level pretty simply: by using them and feeding them food. Pets have a max level of 10.

You’ve also heard me mention pet tiers a bunch. To increase your pet tiers, check your pets in to make sure they’re no longer active, and then you need to press the exchange button and itll bring up the pet enhancement window. You’ll notice that your pets have categories underneath them, such as rare, event, premium, etc. In order to enhance your pet tiers, you need to make sure that you’re using pets of the same category. So, for example, rare pets can only be used to increase the tier of rare pets. To enhance your pets, choose the pet you want to keep and place it in the window. From there, choose pets you want to use to increase its tier, and percentage chances for upgraded tiers will be shown on the screen. The higher tier pets, and the more you use, the higher your chance of getting a successful tier upgrade will be.

Upgrading a pet to t5 is a bit different. You need to have a level 10 tier 4 pet, be level 60, and grab the quest from the black spirit called [Pet] Domesticated Squabbles. Complete that quest, and you’ll be able to unlock tier 5 pet training from Obi Bellen at the Old Wisdom Tree in Kamasylvia.

To train your pet from tier 4 to tier 5, you need a Royal Plume. To obtain this, you need the following:

  • Magical Shard x40 – Acquired from heating Black Magic Crystals.
  • Growth Reagent x10 – Purchased from an Old Moon Vendor
  • Fine Lightweight Plume x800 – Obtained from Filtering Soft Ferri Feathers or Soft Kuku Bird Plumes to Lightweight Plumes, and then to Fine Lightweight Plumes.

Once you acquire a Royal Plume and have your level 10 Tier 4 pet checked in, you will be able to train a Tier 5 pet through Obi Bellen, and it is always guaranteed to succeed.