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BDO Contribution Points and Energy Guide

BDO Contribution Points and Energy Guide

Leveling your contribution and energy properly in BDO is an important part of your account’s progression, and can help you make a lot of money in the long run with how you can invest and utilize these points. Today I am going to discuss what energy and contribution points are, how to acquire more of them, and some of their primary uses.

What are they & their primary uses

  • Contribution Points: A type of point earned from doing various activities in game that can be invested in certain things. You can invest your contribution points into houses for more storage space in towns, to get more lodging for your workers, to invest into nodes to send your workers to to gather items, and to rent items such as storage chests and farming fences. If you guys want to learn more about setting up your node and worker empire, as well as more details on purchasing houses, check out my node guide in the description below! You can earn contribution relatively easily up to 425, and then the amount of exp you need for another point increases substantially.
  • Energy: A type of consumable point that’s used in a wide variety of interactions, and can be recovered using energy potions or will passively recover over time at a rate of 1 every 3 mins. Energy can be used to remote invest contribution into nodes, learn certain knowledge or get certain buffs from NPCs, to hire workers, gather, farm, and much more. Currently the max energy is over 600 and keeps increasing as more content is added to the game.

How to acquire more

So now that we know the primary uses of these two things, how do we actually get more?

To get more contribution points, we are going to want to do 1 of 3 things:

  1. Quest
  2. Turn in alchemy or cooking byproducts, which are called Witch’s Delicacy and Mysterious Catalyst. Turning these in to their corresponding NPCs (which you can find by right-clicking the item and then clicking NPC location) will give you contribution exp, as well as exp towards the corresponding lifeskill.
  3. Weekly quests at Cadries or Shultz. By talking to the quest NPC there, you can get a weekly quest that rewards you with a TON of contribution exp for doing a kill quest!

The main way that more energy is acquired is through increasing knowledge. If you press the default keybind of H, you can bring up the knowledge menu, which will look extremely confusing to new players. But, simply, this is just a catalog of all the things your character has learned about, such as NPCs, locations, certain mobs, etc. If you want to look at where you can get energy from, expand some of the drop down menus in the knowledge menu in the bottom right and you can see what knowledge you need to gain to increase your energy. But, to make this even simpler to understand: To increase your energy, simply talking to npcs that appear on your minimap as a question mark, discovering locations, and killing mobs are easy ways to increase your energy. As you do these things, you gain “knowledge” of them, and therefore, your energy increases!