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BDO T1 and T2 Node War Gear & Optimization Guide

BDO T1 and T2 Node War Gear & Optimization Guide


Gear to look into getting for your character:

  • Kaia Necklace (purchased from Mandolf in Trent)
  • Chimera Pupil’s Gems (purchased from Mandolf in Trent)
  • Rainbow Coral Rings in T2’s for health (purchased off of the MP)
  • Red Coral Rings in T1’s for stamina (purchased off of the MP)

Use artifacts & lightstones for a stat boost. My personal recommendation for most people in T1’s would be to run stamina artifacts (if below HP cap, use health) and the stomping lightstone set. If you want to spend the extra cash, you can run Crocodile’s Tooth. For t2 node wars, I recommend using HP artifacts. Use gems to help hit caps, such as 5k health for T1, resist caps and ignore resist caps. An example of a gem setup for T1 and T2 node wars can be seen in the video above (at 9:00).


Try to grab these buffs at least 15 minutes prior to war.

  • Exquisite Cron Meal
  • Giant’s Draught
  • Health/Mana Potions
  • Whale Tendon Pots
  • Villa Buff
  • Elixir of the Deep Sea (if you can afford them)
  • Church Buffs for offensive and defensive buffs
  • Alchemy Stone (Vell’s Heart, Perilla’s or Destruction Spirit Stone)
  • Carolin’s Kindness
  • House Item (Khalk’s Wings for T1, Artisan’s Special Stuffed Shadow Wolf Head for T2)


Avoid flat stats: +/- AP and DP, Human Damage, Recover SP/MP/WP, and chance to down/air smash.

Addon priorities should mainly be on Bleed, Crit Hit Damage, Down Attack Damage, Crit hit rate, and attack/cast speed.