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Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Chapter Information

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Chapter Information

The Elder Scrolls Online’s third chapter has been officially announced, and we will be adventuring to Elsweyr, the land of the Khajiit! In addition, the long-awaited Necromancer class is being added to the game!  At the core of the chapter will be Dragons, something that players have wanted to see in the game for quite some time.

Season of the Dragon

Unlike previous chapters and DLCs, all of the content for 2019 will be linked together through an overarching story line which is being called “The Season of the Dragon.” The names of the upcoming content additions can be seen below:

  • Q1: Wrathstone (Dungeon DLC)
  • Q2: Elsweyr (Chapter)
  • Q3: Unknown (Dungeon DLC)
  • Q4: Unknown (Story-line DLC)

Wrathstone DLC

Wrathstone is kicking off the story-line for the Season of the Dragon with a dungeon DLC. These two dungeons will be Frost Vault and Depths of Malatar.

  • Frostvault“Sealed away deep within the mountains of Eastmarch, players must seek out one half of the Wrathstone Tablet that has been hidden away by the Dwemer. Players will face Goblins, Dwemer and all manner of traps in order to get there.
  • Depths of Malatar: “Sealed away deep within the sunken city of Garlas Malatr, players must seek out the other half of the Wrathstone Tablet, that is fiercely protected by followers of Meridia. These followers have devoted there lives and very essence to making sure that the Tablet is never again returned to the surface.”

Elsweyr Chapter

Elsweyr is a large zone with distinct savanna, desert and jungle biomes, giving players distinct areas in the zone to explore! The new zone is going to be a big one, so we will have a lot of new content to do and adventures to go on!


Necromancer Class


The long awaited necromancer class is being added into the game! Like all the other classes, the Necromancer will have three different skill-trees with different themes. The Reaper will focus on dealing damage, Bone Tyrant will focus on tanking and defense, and Living Death will focus on reanimating dead bodies (no permanent pets, more “fire and forget”) and healing.




Dragons are coming to Elsweyr

With how popular the Skyrim single player TES game was, it’s no surprise people really want dragons in ESO! Unlike Skyrim though, we are not Dragonborn, so Dragons will be much tougher for us to fight! There will be a variety of Dragons flying in Elsweyr, so be prepared for a tough encounter if you meet one!


New NPCs

We will be seeing tons of different Khajiit NPCs that have never yet been seen before in any of the TES games! The one that was showcased to players in the announcement were the Afiq, a house-cat type NPC that we will be seeing in the zone.


New Trial: Sunspire

Sunspire is the new full trial (not a mini-trial like we’ve recently seen) that we will be able to play once Elsweyr is released. The trial has one unique differential between itself and other trials though, and it is that all bosses will have their own hard-modes!


Ordering Elsweyr

Elsweyr is now available for pre-order, and there are, as usual, a ton of purchasing options! If you pre-order now, you can get the Dro M’athra horse as well as some other bonuses! Learn more here, and see more details in the graphic below.



Quality of Life Updates

ESO is seeing some much needed quality of life updates this year, and we can see some of them detailed below.

Champion Points

ZoS has stated that the Champion Point cap will no longer be increased. They are not satisfied with how the system is currently working due to power creep and making the  game more and more grindy for new players. Changing the CP system would be a massive overhaul to the game though, so we shouldn’t expect this anytime soon.

Racial Passive Changes

Racial Passive changes are going to come with the Wrathstone DLC. Make sure to keep an eye on the Public Test Server and the ESO official forums to find out how they change and evolve over the Wrathstone PTS cycles! ZoS’s initial proposed racial passive changes can be found here.

PvP Artifacts

Cyrodiil will get artifacts with the Elsweyr chapter. This not only adds another dimension to the PvP open-world campaigns, but acts as a viable solution to combat someone who currently is emperor. There will be a unique weapon that spawns somewhere around the map, with all players in the campaign being alerted of its spawn.  Once someone picks it up, they will have control of this mighty weapon and get a brand new set of skills unique to said weapon. You need to keep killing people with the weapon though because if you do not, the weapon will slowly kill you and you will eventually die!

Imperial City Campaign

Imperial City will finally be separated from Cyrodiil and have its own campaign, similar to the current Cyrodiil campaigns, which means it will have its own queuing system. This will also give both Cyrodiil and Imperial City a much needed performance boost. Players will also have an easier way to actually get into Imperial City now, so hopefully this will increase interest and the number of players in the zone!

Guild Search, Guild Store Search and Zone Guide

You will be able to search for guilds in game now, as opposed to having to go to a third-party website to find players to play with! We are also FINALLY are getting a text search in the ESO guild store interface. They’re also improving the overall usability of the guild store UI. Another new feature is the zone guide, and this will help players complete entire zones now, showing them their overall progress in a zone in terms of questing and exploration!


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