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Affiliate Information


Some links featured on this website may contain affiliate links for Amazon Associates or other affiliate programs, which result in commission earned on qualifying purchases without adding anything to your cost. A list of affiliate programs Dottz Gaming participates in can be found below:

  • AdvancedGG – AdvancedGG is the only clinically proven gaming supplement shown to improve gaming performance. They utilize Green Tea Caffeine for a healthy form of natural caffeine that will give you energy for 4-6 hours! Their products are sugar free, come with a vitamin Complex for daily dose of Vitamin B & C, and their FOCUS products use NooLvL nootropics to help boost reaction time, muscle memory, and help with brain fog / decision making. My favorite part about their products is that all ADVANCED products are open label and don’t hide behind “proprietary blend”, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. I use their products very frequently, so I highly recommend them! To grab some ADVANCED at a 10% discount, click this link and use code DOTTZ at checkout!
  • WordPress – I use WordPress to run my site, and it’s my favorite website design tool. What I like about WordPress is that you can create a site with ease if you have zero coding experience, or pop open the hood and really customize things if you want to. WordPress also offers reasonably priced hosting options where you can host your WordPress site! Their payment plans are extremely reasonable, varying from completely free to $25.00 a month based on your needs. Click here to check them out!
  • Amazon – Amazon needs no introduction. They’re one of the largest online shopping websites in the world and sell virtually everything, have amazing deals and great customer support.  Plus, if you get/have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to my Twitch channel for FREE. Shop on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Green Man Gaming – You constantly see these gaming creators with their G2A codes, but me personally, it just seemed a bit too gray market for me to ever want to shop there with confidence. On the other hand, Green Man Gaming is a licensed discount game key reseller, so you will be getting your game keys from a website supported by gaming companies. Click here to shop GMG’s selection.
  • EwinRacing Gaming Chairs – As a gamer you spend extended time sitting down, and just like it’s important to invest in a good computer, investing in a good chair is equally as important to make sure your setup is as ergonomic as possible. I recommend Ewin chairs for this reason – they look cool, they’re super comfortable and they’ll help keep you comfortable while you game. The best part is when you shop there, you can get a whopping 30% off with promo code “Dottz”. Shop Ewin’s gaming chair selection by clicking here.
  • Tubebuddy – Tubebuddy is an internet browser extension that helps you grow and optimize your YouTube channel and I personally use it myself! You can start with a FREE plan and, if you like it, upgrade to their pro plan to unlock more features for as little as $7.20 per month (with the yearly subscription)! Click here to signup today!
  • GUNNAR Computer Eyewear – GUNNAR is a company that makes high quality computer glasses. Eye strain while using an electronic device is something I’ve struggled with in the past, and something that is becoming more prevalent as people begin to use computers and other devices more. Between working on a computer all day and streaming, my eyes always felt strained and I suffered from a lot of headaches. I tried software blue light filters, updating my glasses prescription, but nothing did the trick long term until I got computer glasses. These have really helped my eye strain, and I cant recommend them enough. If you want to pick yourself up a pair of GUNNAR glasses, click here!