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Greymoor ESO Chapter – Dark Heart of Skyrim

Greymoor ESO Chapter – Dark Heart of Skyrim

On January 16, 2020, Zenimax Online Studios announced their latest chapter, Greymoor, for the Elder Scrolls Online! Similarly to how Elsweyr was a part of the “the year of the dragon”, the year-long story told by ZOS’s 4 content patches, Greymoor will be the chapter in “The Dark Heart of Skyrim”.  Besides the new year-long story, we are also getting a complete vampire rework, a new trial, a new system called antiquities that brings new rewards for players of all types, and harrowstorms, which are esentially geysers/dolmens for this region.

Greymoor will be coming in Q2 of 2020, with the chapter releasing on PC on May 18, 2020, and Xbox One/PS4 on June 2, 2020.

Explore Western Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls Online’s base game brought us the part of Skyrim affiliated with the Ebonheart Pact, but with the new ESO Greymoor chapter, we get to explore the western part of the Skyrim zone, which is ruled by its own High King and not involved in the Three-Banners War. Zenimax Online Studios stated in their press-release that the new portion of the map will look smaller than other zones on the surface, but there is more than meets the eye with this chapter!  ZOS stated that about 40% of the new zone will be underground in Blackreach. Thankfully, they did say it wouldn’t be as hard to get to as it was in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim single player title!

Similarly to the Year of the Dragon in 2019, we will be getting a year long story in 2020 with the Dark Heart of Skyrim, and you can expect a similar content release schedule to last year’s format:

  • Q1 March: Dungeon DLC – Harrowstorm
  • Q2 June: Greymoor Chapter
  • Q3 August: Dungeon DLC
  • Q4 November: Story DLC

The dungeon DLC that we will get before the Greymoor chapter, Harrowstorm, will be released in early March, and as stated earlier, Greymoor will be released in May/June.  For the Q3 and Q4 content, Rich Lambert said during the press release that we would need to wait until E3 for more announcement information on those releases.  All that we do know at this time is that they will include a dungeon DLC and a story DLC, following the same “year-long story” format.


Vampire Skill Line Re-work

The entire Vampire skill line in the Elder Scrolls Online is getting a full re-work for ESO Greymoor. The reworked skill line will now be more similar to a normal skill line with an ultimate, five skills and passives. ZOS felt that because this chapter has such a big focus on vampire’s, it was important to bring the vampire skills and passives up to date, similarly to what they did with the werewolf skill line in the Wolfhunter DLC.


New Trial – Kyne’s Aegis

Kyne’s Aegis will be the new 12-player Trial that comes with the Greymoor chapter in Q2. Zenimax Online Studios stated that this will be a full trial and NOT a mini-trial, and that you can expect the usual rewards from this 12-player instance. Something that ZOS did say they wanted to do with this trial is to make the gen pop – aka trash mobs – more difficult to deal with, giving players a challenge outside of just defeating the bosses.


Harrowstorm World Events

Harrowstorms are the new world event being brought to the Elder Scrolls Online for the Greymoor zone. They will be similar to how dolmens are in the ESO base game and geysers in the ESO Summerset zone.


Uncover Artifacts with the New Antiquities System

Antiquities is a new system that will come with the Greymoor chapter. This new system wont just be present in new content, but ZOS will be implementing this new system throughout the entire game. This new system involves hunting treasures all across Tamriel, recovering lost artifacts and discovering new loot such as housing items, emotes, personalities and new mythic items.

Mythic Items will be new one piece bonus sets that you can use. Keep in mind though that you are only allowed to wear one mythic item at a time on your character, so you have to make a choice which one will best suit your character’s needs. These items will present new and fun ways to build your character, further giving you more ways to truly make your character unique in the Elder Scrolls Online!


Want to Pre-Order ESO Greymoor?

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