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Dottz Gaming

DottzGaming.com is the website that supports the Dottz Gaming YouTube channel and Twitch Livestream. The content on my channel and website is mainly MMORPG focused, with the primary games being The Elder Scrolls Online, New World, World of Warcraft & Black Desert Online, but you’ll find plenty of written content, gameplay, videos and guides for other games too! My guides aim to help new players on their adventures, teaching them tips and tricks to make their days of playing a game fun, enjoyable and without headaches. For the Elder Scrolls Online I have more than just general guides; I also feature builds on this site from valued members of our community, as well as builds I have tested and theory-crafted myself. We feature up-to-date PvP builds, as well as a variety of PvE builds that can be used in trials, dungeons, and general play. For World of Warcraft & Black Desert Online, my website features the same type of beginner guides you see from me with ESO, aimed at helping brand new adventurers get started in game! For other games, the content will vary based on the game, but for the most part you can expect first impression videos, gameplay highlights, and guides with tips for new players!

My name is Dottz Gaming, and I am a content creator, Twitch Partner, YouTuber, Black Desert Online & ADVANCEDgg Partner! My YouTube channel’s journey started as a World of Warcraft PvP channel in June of 2014, and I made montage videos of myself playing arena on various different classes. At the end of 2016, I decided to call it quits though and was searching for a new game. Unsure of what game to play or what to do with my channel that had only a little over 2k subscribers at the time, I ended up deciding to play the Elder Scrolls Online in January 2017. When I first started ESO, I decided to make beginner content; my line of reasoning was that since I was a beginner, I’ll just teach people things as I learn them. Little did I know that this one decision would be what ignited the rapid growth of my YouTube & Twitch channels. While being an ESO creator, I had the amazing opportunity to play and collaborate with other ESO content-creators, become a supported streamer by Zenimax Online Studios, be featured on ZOS’s community guides page regularly, visit ZOS headquarters and so much more! In the summer of 2020, I took a step away from only covering ESO, and returned to also making content for World of Warcraft with the goal of pursuing the creation of beginner guides and content for the game. In 2021, I took things a step further and moved to more of a general MMO focus, looking to cover multiple MMORPGs and help people learn about them! In 2022, I decided to change from the creator side of gaming to the industry side, starting a career as a community manager for Ramen VR’s MMORPG, Zenith: The Last City!

My goal, while trying to improve myself as a player every day in the games that I play, is to try and help new players get started in their games, be a positive force within the gaming community and most importantly have fun! While my channels’ primary focus for awhile was ESO, I’ve since expanded the channel into other MMORPGs, looking to do more of a general MMO focus, covering multiple games and help people learn about them! Over 2021 and 2022, my goal was establish myself as a general “MMORPG” content creator, with a focus on grass-roots beginner guides, first impression videos/reviews and builds! This change was good for me not only because it allowed me to have some gaming variety, but it gave you guys a chance to see me play other games and expand our audience to other communities! While you’ll also see videos and live gameplay for games from other genres from time to time, my primary focus is on MMORPGs and establishing myself as a prominent creator for the genre. However, my goals changed pretty dramatically going into 2023. I’m so thankful to be able to have lived my dream of being able to content create full time, and am proud that I was able to parley the experience as a creator into a full time gaming industry job as a community manager! My current primary goal is to grow within the my industry role, while also simultaneously continuing to grow the Dottz Gaming brand! If you want to help support my website and other content endeavors, feel free to check out the support page!