What is DottzGaming.com?

DottzGaming.com is the website that supports the Dottz Gaming YouTube channel. The content on my channel and website is mainly for the Elder Scrolls Online by Zenimax Online Studios. My guides aim to help players on their adventures in Tamriel, teaching them tips and tricks to make their days of playing the game fun, enjoyable, and without headaches.

In addition to guides, I feature builds on this site from valued members of our community, as well as builds I have tested and theory-crafted. We feature up-to-date PvP builds, as well as a variety of PvE builds that can be used in trials, dungeons, and general play. DottzGaming.com is your one-stop-shop from your first steps into Tamriel to helping you prepare for end-game.

DottzGaming.com is the result of a community effort, producing an experience truly by the community and for the community. I can say with confidence that we have one of the most accepting, tight-knit, and supportive gaming communities on the internet, and would love if you joined us in assisting with our growth.

Who am I?

My name is Dottz Gaming, and I am a YouTube content creator, streamer, and partner. My YouTube channel’s journey started as a World of Warcraft PvP channel in June of 2014. At the end of 2016, I decided to call it quits though and was searching for a new game. Unsure of what game to play or what to do with my channel that had only a little over 2k subscribers at the time, I ended up deciding to play the Elder Scrolls Online in January 2017 and have been having a blast. When I first started ESO, I decided to make beginner content; my line of reasoning was that since I was a beginner, I’ll just teach people things as I learn them. Little did I know that this one decision would be what ignited the rapid growth of my YouTube channel. Since switching to ESO, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to play with some of the biggest content-creators for the game, Zenimax tweeted out my complete ESO beginner guide, and even featured my channel on their community guides page about a half a dozen times! I am continually making new beginner and intermediate guides, as well as keeping my old ones updated, streaming, and working towards becoming a well-known PvP player (lofty goal, but one that I have). I am so excited to see what the future holds for myself as a gamer in ESO as well as a content creator and streamer on YouTube!


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