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The Basics of Godr-Ayed Weapons in BDO

The Basics of Godr-Ayed Weapons in BDO


The Godr-Ayed Weapons in BDO provide an alternative path to upgrade TET Blackstar weapons to PEN, giving you 5 incremental upgrades instead of just hoping that you get lucky with your pen blackstar tap. This means that the base Godr-Ayed Weapon has the same power level as a TET blackstar, with the PEN Godr-Ayed having the same power as a PEN blackstar. These weapons definitely have received some mixed reactions from the community, with some people thinking they’re amazing and others thinking they’re useless. I’m just going to breakdown how the weapons work today, and then give you my thoughts on what you should do with them near the end of the video.

Getting Started

In order to get a base Godr-Ayed Weapon, you need to exchange a TET Blackstar along with a Scorching Sun Crystal with Merindora in Grana. In order to make the Scorching Sun Crystal, you need to use heating on the processing window with 30 magical shards (acquired from heating black magic crystals), 10 scorching sun shards (Purchased off of the MP or dropped from Calpheon mobs on Elvia servers), and 100 Black Stones (Weapon) (which can be bought off the MP or dropped from a variety of mobs).

Now, getting the TET Blackstar is obviously the hardest part of this process. You can either choose to get a base blackstar piece yourself through the star’s end questline, or purchase it on the marketplace. You can then attempt to enhance this to TET yourself. Personally, I’d only recommend doing this if you have an ABUNDANCE of failstacks and artistan’s memory. Otherwise, I’d just purchase it straight up off of the MP. If you’re a succession class, I recommend getting the Blackstar awakening weapon, and a mainhand weapon if youre an awakening class. The reason for this is that it allows you to still caphras your primary weapon to be able to hit AP brackets, but, the monster damage sub-stat carries over from other weapon, so you get to enjoy the primary benefit of the blackstar weapon while still having the ability to use caphras for your AP brackets on the weapon you mostly use.

Once you have the TET blackstar and the scorching sun crystal, talk to the black spirt and get the quest [Godr-Ayed Weapon] Merindora’s Calling, which will prompt you to make the exchange with Merindora, and then you’ll have the weapon in your possession. Now at this point, you’re obviously going to want to start enhancing.


To enhance the Godr-Ayed weapon, you need to use a Scorching Sun Gemstone. These are created from heating 1 of each of the following materials: Hard Black Crystal Shard, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Scorching Sun Shard and Mass of Pure Magic. All of the shards can be bought on the MP, while the Mass’s can be farmed from a variety of monsters. You can also heat a scorching sun shard with a flawless magical blackstone, which is the enhancement material for regular blackstar weapons.

Now, with your scorching sun gemstones, it’s enhancement time. For the godr-ayed weapons, I’d recommend the following failstacks for enhancement:

  • Base->PRI: 100 stack
  • PRI->DUO: 130 stack
  • DUO->TRI: 150 stack
  • TRI->TET: 170 stack
  • TET->PEN: 200+ stack

Are they worth it?

Now with all of this being said, what is my personal recommendation with these weapons? In my opinion, i absolutely think they’re worth getting, but only to a point, and for me, that is going to be DUO or TRI. The reason being is that getting to DUO godr-ayed isnt that hard, since when you fail an enhancement going for duo, it doesn’t go down to “base”, its stays at pri, which means you can just tap away until it hits duo. This gives you 3 additional AP on your original TET blackstar for relatively little effort. However, you have way more enhancements to go through to get this thing to PEN versus just hitting a TET blackstar. So, my recommendation is to get a DUO Godr-Ayed on the weapon slot that i recommended earlier in the guide – so mainhand for awakening classes and awakening weapon for succession classes – and sit on it for awhile. That weapon will serve you very well for an extremely long time. When you’re at the point that you’re looking to upgrade it, you can either sell it to help fund raw-purchasing a PEN Blackstar, or, buy a spare TET blackstar and use all cronned PEN attempts or J’s Hammer attempts on that backup weapon, and then sell the Godr-Ayed when it hits. Also, if you’re new and don’t want to deal with any of what I’m talking about, you can just easily stick to using Jetina guaranteed pen boss weapons, which have a bit of easier progression compared to this, and which I cover at length in this guide, and you can find the link here.