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Black Desert Online Marketplace Beginner Guide

Black Desert Online Marketplace Beginner Guide

This guide is going to cover the basics of the marketplace and warehouse, how to buy, sell and trade other items with players. BDO has no traditional trading like other MMOs do, so this is the primary way that players interact with the purchasing and sale of goods to each other. Understanding the basics of the marketplace is important since this will be the vehicle you use to generate most of the silver you make in game outside of vendoring trash loot from mobs to NPCs.

The marketplace can be accessed from anywhere in the game. You can simply hit escape, central market, and you’ll have access to the central marketplace. You can also go and speak to a marketplace NPC, which will be denoted by a coin purse with some coins next to it on the map. To place items into the marketplace for sale, you will most commonly talk to a storage keeper, click storage, and click warehouse, which is your account-wide marketplace storage and acts as a staging area for buying and selling goods. from there you can deposit goods from your inventory straight into the warehouse, or items from the storage of the city that you are in. Money can also be deposited or withdrawn from the warehouse here as well. In addition, if you needed to remotely access your warehouse, you can click the the maid icon in the top left and from there you can remotely deposit or withdraw from your warehouse. your warehouse does however have a capacity to it. If you hover over the warehouse capacity question mark, it explains how your warehouse capacity is determined. Basically, each item has a certain warehouse capacity assigned to it that is separate from its weight, and the total addition of the capacity of all items in your warehouse is shown by the number on the left here, with your max capacity on the right. The little hand with the coins above it shows how much extra silver you get when collecting items from the marketplace. This is where the value pack shines, as it gives you a MASSIVE 30% bonus here.

Buying on the Marketplace

Now to use the marketplace itself, again hit escape, click central market, and that will bring up the marketplace interface. To actually purchase goods from the marketplace, you need to make sure you have money in your warehouse, as this is where the marketplace draws silver from and this is where the majority of your money should be stored. To search for goods, you can obviously type in the search bar at the top and search what you’re looking for, or use the filters here on the left side if you are just looking for a category of items, or looking to compare goods. Below the search bar you can also find some filters, which allow you to sort by item quantity, price, or rarity. Now to show an example of what it looks like to actually buy and item, if we want to purchase some gloves for our character but aren’t sure what gloves we want, simply click armor > gloves. This will bring up a bunch of glove options, but we will also see some numbers on the right side here such as base price and stock. Base price is the price for the un-upgraded item, but remember, gear in BDO can be enhanced to higher levels, so higher enhanced gear will be more expensive. In addition, the in stock column shows how many of the specific items are in stock at all the different tiers. If we click on rocaba gloves, we can see the price for different levels of gloves and how many are in stock at each tier. We can buy gear from the un-enhanced level, all the way up to PEN, so the marketplace in BDO is a viable way to purchase gear from other players and upgrade your character. Now, lets say in some world we want to buy +4 rocaba gloves, we would click the gloves 0-5, and it would bring up this window, which shows how many listings there are for the gloves, and what the gloves are listed for. Select your desired enhancement level (remember, higher enhancement level means higher price), how many pairs of gloves you want, and it will show you the total cost as well as silver left after purchase. In addition, if you’re buying materials, it can also be helpful to see warehouse quantity too, so you know how many you already have. So, if you want those gloves, click buy, and you’re good to go. If you find yourself searching for something a LOT, you can also save that search term. with the search term entered, click favorites next to the search bar, and click list to favorites.

Now what if the item you want to buy is out of stock? Let’s use the Book of Old Moon as a good example. A ton of pearl items can be bought and sold on the central auction house, and the book of old moon is one of them. As we can see, when we search for it and click it, there are no books in stock. However, we can place a preorder for one so that should one become available at that price point, we will be able to buy it. So click the price that you’re willing to buy the book at, click buy, and the marketplace will allocate the money out of your silver pool so that it can buy it at that price once it becomes available. IF you want to check your buy order, click the sell tab on the right, than the buy tab in the middle of your screen, and you can see your buy orders. If you want , you can cancel it at any time and the money will be placed back into your warehouse storage. Another way to check the status of buy and sell orders is clicking the status icon at the top near the search bar on the buy tab.

Selling on the Marketplace

Speaking of selling items, if we click sell, it’ll show the tab with your warehouse on the left, and the items you have listed for sale on the right. You can select different views by clicking the icons above auto arrange, but me personally i much much prefer the grid view. Now, if we want to sell something, click the item of choice. It’ll look really similar to the buy window. Here, we can select how many of the items we want to sell, what price point we are looking to sell it for, and then list the item for sale. Something i do want to note about listing items is lets say you’re grinding kagtums for 100 hours to get absolutely nothing except for a ton of kagtum submission rings, and you’re trying to list those for sale on the off chance that someone decides to buy them. If you have say, 10 kagtum submission rings listed for sale but later get 5 more and want to list those, you’ll get an error that says “cannot list duplicate item”. Basically, you need to cancel the current sell order you have on your 10 kagtum submission rings, and relist all 15 again at the same time. no idea why it works that way, it just does. When your items sell, you’ll be able to come back to this tab, click collect all to collect the funds, and they’ll be deposited straight into your warehouse.