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BDO Pearl Shop Guide – Best Items for New Players

BDO Pearl Shop Guide – Best Items for New Players

Black Desert Online is known for better or for worse for its microtransaction store, the Pearl Shop. However, with the right knowledge, you can navigate the pearl and loyalty shops in BDO to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. This guide covers the basics of the pearl and loyalty shops, and what items I’d recommend buying/avoiding on them! Thankfully with the game, you never have to buy and expansion or DLC, so the mx shop is the only place you’ll be spending real money. And plus, thankfully, Pearl Shop items can also be purchased off of the marketplace!

Recommended Items to Purchase with Pearls

Item’s I consider “mandatory”:

  • Tent/Campsite
  • Value Pack (can buy from MP but these do from my exp sell slow)

Extras that are worth getting:

  • Maids (they do give out a ton for free)
  • Celestial Horn/Trainers flute (can get trainers flute on MP if willing to wait)
  • Outfit (can buy off the MP if youre willing to wait)
  • Underwear (buy when sure of your main)
  • Glasses (buy when sure of your main)

Recommended Purchases with Loyalties

Loyalties are a currency you get for simply logging into the game and can be spent for certain things in the shop. Things I recommend are:

  • Weight
  • Inventory
  • Nader’s Band slot

NOTE: You can buy more inventory/weight with pearls when you’re sure of your main and if it feels like its a bottleneck while playing. However, I recommend waiting for a good sale.

Items to Avoid

  • Book of old moon / kamasylves blessing: buy off of the marketplace
  • Pets: only buy if massive sale. You can have 5 pets active at a time, and you get 4 for free doing main quest, and can buy pets off the MP. Unless there is a specific pet that you particularly want that has a perk youre looking for like the hedgehog for gathering or the penguin for fishing for sale on the pearl shop, stick to the free ones/buying off the MP.