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BDO Storage Guide for Beginners

BDO Storage Guide for Beginners

We are going to quickly go over the basics of how storage works in Black Desert Online, as well as discuss how to increase the amount of space that you have.

Before we get into the guide though, I want to quickly explain what contribution points are as they’re important and relevant to increasing our storage space. Contribution points can be seen at the top left of your screen, and can be earned from completing story quests, side quests, as well as turning in cooking and alchemy byproducts. We will use these points to increase our storage space, but more on that later in the guide.

Storage in black desert is the equivalent to your bank in other games. Storage is based in each city and isn’t central like other games. So, for example, items that I have stored in Heidel I cannot access from my storage in Velia unless I’ve done the Magnus Questline. However, a trick that I like to use to get a more “central” style of storage for certain items is utilizing the marketplace to store my items that are eligible to be listed on the MP, as a way to be able to access them from everywhere.

Storage can be accessed by simply talking to the storage NPC in any city and clicking storage, where you can view your storage in that city as well as view the storage of the other cities. In addition, you can view a city’s storage and what is in it by clicking on its icon on the minimap. The good thing about the storage is that is is account wide and not character bound, so you can use it to easily move items between your characters.


In the event that you do have an item in one city and want to move it to another, simply click the transportation button at the bottom. Click the destination of where you want your items to go, select a wagon for those items to be transported in, and then select the items for transport. If the cities are connected by nodes, the fee to send items is cheap. However, if they are not connected by nodes, the price does triple. However, it still isn’t all that much money so don’t worry about it too much. It takes time for your items to get to your destination, which does increase the further away the destination city is, so just keep that in mind. When the items get to the destination city, you can click on the city, click transport and select Get All. The good thing with transport is you don’t NEED to be at a storage NPC to do it, and you can do it right from the minimap.

Increasing Storage

Now in terms of actually increasing your storage, there are 2 primary ways: the value pack and through purchasing houses to use for storage. Having an active value pack gives you 16 additional storage slots. However, for a free way to increase your storage, you can use houses in the town of your choice. I describe how houses and nodes work in depth in my housing guide here, but for a quick rundown for this video, you’re going to want to click the town of choice that you want to increase storage in, and select one of the blue houses in the city. You will see that storage is an option, and can increase my bank space if i invest contribution points in it. If you want to see what houses can be used for storage, click the filter at the top right of your map to set your house filters to unpurchased, and then to storage.

So when you decide which house you want to purchase for storage, click purchase, and after a small timer that house will be used to increase your storage! It’s not like it’s an actual house you go into, those are called a residence which you’ll also see through the housing choice options, but these are just how you actually increase your storage space per town. You’re going to want to try and select houses that will give you max storage per contribution points invested. The initial purchase of a house for storage costs contribution, but upgrading it doesn’t. So seeing houses that have 3 or 4 potential ranks of storage are going to be a fantastic way to upgrade your storage for minimal contribution invested. Some houses require you purchase them in a chain, so you may need to purchase one house to unlock another, so keep that in mind when selecting which houses you want to invest cp in for storage. Your goal is going to be to select houses that can give you the most storage space for the least contribution, so check the ratio of storage to contribution spent to maximize your investment.

What I recommend you guys do is select a “main town”, for me that is Heidel, and invest most of your contribution points into upgrading the storage for that town. I do have some secondary towns like Velia and Olvia where I have some storage increases, but my main “home base” and where most of my additional storage space upgrades are used is Heidel.

If you want to remotely access your bank, you can use maids to do that. Click the maid icon at the top left corner, select storage maid, and it’ll open the storage that corresponds to the town of the region you are in. However, if you have done the Magnus questline, you can access your storage from any town. You can use central market maids though to access the central market, which is why I do store certain things there as a way to access them anywhere like I mentioned earlier.