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BDO How to Progress & Upgrade Tuvala / Naru Gear on a Season Server

BDO How to Progress & Upgrade Tuvala / Naru Gear on a Season Server

The season servers are a great way for new and returning players to get a good start in black desert online. But, many people coming (back) to the game might not know the best way to progress their gear on the season servers. In today’s guide I go over in depth the best way to get your Naru gear to PEN so that you can work on progressing towards your end goal of PEN Tuvala gear!

Naru Gear

As you play through story youll get plenty of naru gear and beginner blackstones. You only need to worry about gear/weapons, don’t concern yourself with the accessories outside of getting 1 ring to pri for the step in the season pass. The accessories are bad and cant be exchanged, so its they’re not really worth putting effort into.

If you misplace naru gear you can get some from fughar by exchanging beginner blackstones. For those who are very new and are not sure how gear works in the game, you can find a guide here. Gear in BDO can be enhanced, which is an RNG chance to upgrade your item. An important enhancing term you need to know for this guide is Fail stacks, which you’ll see me mention a lot later in the guide. Fail stacks are like bad luck protection. As you fail upgrades, you get more failstacks, which makes your percent chance for a successful enhance higher

Enhancing these are simple: click on black spirit, click enhancement which will bring up the window. Click your gear piece and it will put it in the upgrade window. For upgrading naru gear, you simply are going to just keep clicking enhance on this gear all the way up to pen. The percent chances on the naru gear are extremely high, so you don’t need to worry about using fail stacks. But for the naru gear, Just mash the button all the way up to pen.

If for SOME REASON you need to repair the durability, go to a stable keeper or blacksmith, click repair, recover max durability, click on an extra piece of gear and click recover once and it’ll restore durability back to the piece.

Tuvala Gear

Once you have your PEN naru gear and weapons, you can exchange your Naru Gear for Tuvala gear, which is your goal gear for the season server and what you’re striving to get to pen, as it is the equivalent to TET boss armor. Now, this is where the fun begins.

Enhancing this gear will now use Time-Filled blackstones instead of the beginner blackstones. In addition, you’ll also most likely have some refined magical blackstones which can give u a guaranteed enhancement of your tuvala gear up to tri, tuvala ore which is used to purchase accessories, and potentially 1 or more Frozen Tide blackstones, which guarantee an enhancement from TET to pen and that should be used on your main weapon. For this enhancement process, the naders band will also make this way way easier. You can find a guide on the naders band here. You just have to do a simple quest and itll make your enhancement process in BDO 100 times easier.

Now the method i used to get all my tuvala gear to pen in 1 enhancement sitting was using the following failstack amounts for my upgrades:

  • Pri->Duo 0-10 stacks
  • Duo->Tri 10-30 stacks
  • Tri-Tet 30-50 stack
  • Tet->Pen 50-80 stack.

Personally i had a ton of spare advice of the valks/valks cry (which can add an additional 10 fail stacks to your attempts by just clicking the + next to valks cry), so I used those for my stacks and id highly recommend you do the same if you have them around. If not, you’ll need to build the failstacks yourself, which I’m not going to be discussing here today and I’d recommend checking out a failstacking guide for how to do that.

So the first time I enhanced a piece of gear, I did NOT use the refined magical blackstones (a blackstone you get from the season server that guarantees enhancement up to TRI). The percent changes to get to duo is pretty solid, so no need to waste the refined magical blackstones here. So I used my stacks from pri to duo, and duo to tri. Now, if for some reason i dropped below tri after this point, then I used the refined magical blackstones to go back up, so that my TET failstack can continue building. If you use this method that I’ve described, you’ll be able to get full PEN tuvala gear pretty easily. Now, for your weapon specifically, just use the Frozen Tide Blackstone to get it from TET to PEN since thats a 100% guaranteed chance.

For accessories, i use a similar process. But, to actually buy accessories, you need to take your tuvala ore to a blacksmith, and click on the exchange tab, and you can exchange the ore for your tuvala accessories for enhancement.

Similarly to the Naru gear, if you need to repair the durability, go to a stable keeper or blacksmith, click repair, recover max durability, click on an extra piece of gear and click recover once and itll restore durability back to the piece.

Also, as you upgrade the tuvala gear, you’re going to be able to get free advice of valks failstacks by going to fughar and talking to him, and he will have a bunch of quests listed in his log that are called “even stronger X”, “even sturdier Y”, etc, where you get free failstacks for successfully enhancing your gear. So, simply unequip and re-equip your piece to complete the quest once you have it, talk to him, and youll get your free failstacks. You can do this for TRI, TET and PEN pieces.

Now depending on who you talk to, some people will say to absolutely use crons for TET to PEN, and some people will tell you you’re crazy for doing so. Me? I personally didn’t. With the failstacks numbers I listed earlier in the guide, I didn’t have any issues getting to pen. But, if your RNG is very very bad, you can consider it. However, for accessories, I’d be way more inclined to use crons if you have some extras, since the accessory upgrade process is extremely painful since items get destroyed instead of just downgrading. Something to keep in mind though is that if you level your character and play through the season, you will get a PEN Tuvala ring, a PEN Tuvala earring, and the Bronte’s bolt through questing in the new Eternal Winter zone which is also a very solid earring. You can also get a good belt through questing which is a TRI: Rock Heart belt. So honestly for accessories, I’d really only worry about enhancing 1 ring, and your necklace.