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BDO Beginner Guide: Which Items to Keep and Why

BDO Beginner Guide: Which Items to Keep and Why

This has probably been one of the most requested guides for me to make on BDO due to the fact that the game throws an absurd amount of items at you really quickly, and it can be challenging to figure out which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of. So, today’s guide is going to focus on which items you should keep and what they do. Anything else, you’re going to want to sell it on the central market place for silver. Early on, liquid silver is really, really important to getting your account started. So certain things that you wont be using for a long time anyway, you are just better of selling for now on the marketplace for the silver, and start progressing your account faster. You can always earn more silver and buy those things back later on. As a new player, we want to make gains, and silver helps us do that.

  • Laila’s Petals: These are used to purchase fairy’s at the Kamasylve Temple, located east of Heidel. There are 4 tiers of fairy’s, with T1 (Faint) being the worst, and T4 (Radiant) being the best. You’re going to want to save these petals, bring them to the temple, and then turn them in until you get yourself a Radiant Fairy. I have a full guide dedicated to BDO’s fairy system on my channel, which i will link here.
  • Hunter’s Seals: These can be exchanged for blackstones in Tarif, east of Heidel. Take these to the jeweler there and you can get Armor or Weapon blackstones which are used for enhancement.
  • Speaking of which, Black Stones are going to be the next item you want to save. Armor and Weapon blackstones are used for enhancement in black desert online, which is BDO’s RNG upgrade gearing system. There are a ton of different blackstones used for a ton of different enhancements, so depending on what gear your enhancing, a different blackstone is used. Thankfully, there is now a guaranteed PEN system, which allows you to achieve the highest enhancement rating of PEN on a piece of gear without actually enhancing, which I have guides that talk about armor/weapons and accessories, so we are going to focus on saving the mats needed for that system. That is going to be Black Stone (armor), Black Stone (Weapon), Hard Black Crystal Shard, and Sharp Black Crystal Shard you’re going to want to save. Black Stone Armor combines with Hard Black Crystal Shards to make Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Armor), and Sharp Black Crystal shard combines with Black Stone Weapon to make Concentrated Magical Black Stone (Weapon). You need a bunch of these concentrated magical blackstones to make your guaranteed pen armor and weapons, so they are definitely worth saving. In addition, you can get 1 guaranteed pen accessory, and for those, you need a TON of the regular armor and weapon black stones. So again, more reason to hold onto these. Mass of pure magic is also a good item to hold onto for blackstar enhancement, should you ever decide you want to try it. These combine with the concentrated magical blackstones to create the blackstones required for blackstar enhancement.
  • In the same vein, I’d also recommend keeping Memory Fragments. Memory fragments are used to recover durability on your gear when you fail an enhancement. Gear durability like most MMORPGs goes down as you play and fight in combat. You repair your gear when it gets damaged, but if you dont and it breaks, you lose stats. So for example, if a gear piece has a max durability of 100, you can lose up to 100 points before repairing it. However, and you fail an enhancement, it will lower that max durability to say 90, so now when you repair you gear it only repairs to 90 durability, not 100, so memory fragments are used to recover that max durability at any NPC you can repair for you like a blacksmith or a stable keeper. But, for those of you not enhancing, you need a ton of memory fragments for the guaranteed pens – 1000 per piece! So, youre going to want to hold onto these.
  • Continuing to talk about guaranteed pen gear, Yona’s Fragments are going to want to be something you hold onto. These drop from a variety of mobs in the world, and you can also get these from heating yellow quality accessories assuming you have the right knowledge for it. You need a whole bunch of these for your guaranteed pen accessory. So, hold onto them.
  • Magical Shards are another item youre going to want to hold onto. Again, they’re needed for both the guaranteed PEN armor/weapon system, and the guaranteed pen accessory system. These come from heating up yellow quality crystals. You need a bunch of these, so hold onto them.
  • Ancient Spirit Dust is going to be the next item you want to hold onto. You can combine these with Black Stones Armor/Weapons to make Caphras stones. Caphras stones are an important part of your end game progression, and i talk about how they work in my enhancing guide. And while some people may disagree with me, i personally think you should sell your caphras early on. Youre not going to be using caphras stones for quite a bit after your start in BDO, and with how much they sell for, i personally think that the liquid silver is more important at the beginning of the game. So, i recommend holding onto the dust, turning it into caphras, and then selling that for a nice profit.
  • Continuing to discuss enhancement related things, you’re going to want to also hold onto your Valks Cry and any Advice of the Valks. These are really hand for enhancement, and even if you dont plan on enhancing much, these are really helpful if you make a season character to do your tuvala enhancement. Advice of the Valks are like canned failstacks that help you get a higher chance to enhance a piece of gear – the higher the stack, the better the chance. you can also use up to 10 valks cry at a time to increase your stack by an additional chance, making your enhancement chance even higher. Again, for more details on enhancement, refer to my enhancement guide.
  • Cron Stones are another item youre going to want to hold onto. These stones allow you to attempt an enhancement without the item ranking down. So in bdo, when you attempt higher tier enhancements, failed enhancement chances actually cause your item to rank down in enhancement value so they actually lose power – but you do gain a failstack. Cron stones allow you to protect that item and prevent it from losing enhancement value, but, you dont gain a failstack. Cron stones are typically used for when youre pushing an important piece of gear into the higher enhancement tiers and you really dont want it to rank down. You should absolutely keep these as they become extremely crucial later on.
  • The next itme is going to be Traveler’s Maps. These let you teleport to nearby cities and towns, so if youre in a random place and maybe arent sure how to get out and you need to teleport somewhere, these are really useful.
  • Carrots are also really good to keep as well. These are used to feed your horse and recover its hp and stamina, and stamina is really crucial as it allows your horse to take you from place to place without needing to slow down.
  • The next item category im just going to call “xp items”. These are all the different scrolls and items that you get that increase your experience gain. Keeping these is important as obviously they just give you exp boosts – dont want to get rid of free exp! Similarly, you want to keep item collection scrolls. Hit escape, item collection gauge, and you get this thing to pop up. This increases the amount of trash loot that drops from mobs – aka increases your money while grinding – and increases your chance at getting rare loot. To feed this gauge, you need to use item collection scrolls. So hoarding these to constantly fuel this gauge is important, and when you start grinding a lot youll notice you start to cruise through these.
  • Shaktu seals are the next item you want to hang onto. youll get these periodically for events and login rewards, and they can be exchanged with Dellus in Shakatu for some really good items that cna sell for a pretty penny.
  • The final item im going to discuss today is dark spirit’s greed, these are looted in a variety of ways and can be exchanged with i believe skill instructors for a wide variety of items. the latent auras are good for the guaranteed pen system, otherwise you cna get item collection scrolls or advice of the valks.

Now im sure there are other items that are sitting in your inventory that you’re like “but dottz, what about this?”

Most items in BDO, honestly, have pretty solid descriptions. If you take it slow and read them, itll give you a better understanding of what they do. Most of the random misc currencies you get in BDO too you just need to give to an NPC in exchange for items, so you can always right click those items, click NPC location, and see where they take you.