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How to get and enhance Fallen God Armor in BDO

How to get and enhance Fallen God Armor in BDO


What is fallen god armor?

Fallen God armor is a type of armor that you can get once you’ve acquired a piece of PEN Boss armor that allows you to further improve it and gain additional bonuses. This is your best in slot armor piece and is something every player in BDO will be pursuing, which is why I wanted to make a basic guide on it today. This is a long term goal and something that you will be working on over time, as getting to fallen god is a pricy endeavor

What you need Get an armor piece to caphras level 10 in order to be able to start the process of getting it to fallen god.

  • Red Nose (my recommendation)
    • Red nose requires 7224 caphras
  • Dim Tree
    • Dim Tree Requires 8260 caphras

If you dont know what caphras are, i have a guide on my YT channel which explains what they are and also how enhancement works.

Also, you need the Flame of Despair. Can be purchased off of the MP or farmed at Turos which is a duo grind spot. i personally recommend buying it since it’s not that expensive and is listed for sale quite often, and the drop rate for it at turos is pretty low.

How to acquire the armor

Once you have your C10 armor and your flame, you need to take your gear to Dorin Morgrim, who is located near helms post (the video above showcases his location). You’ll do a short quest chain where you hand in the flame and your pen armor, and you’ll be given a PEN fallen god armor.

The PEN fallen god armor is actually the base piece, and it can be enhanced further to gain additional stats. Instead of increasing in rating, the piece gets a new title. Ill put a chart on the screen that shows the stats, the enhancement level, and the name of the piece.

To actually enhance the armor, you need Flawless Chaotic blackstones, which are created from

  • Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Hard Black Crystal Shard x1
  • Mass of Pure Magic x1
  • Caphras Stone x10


  • Flawless Magical Black Stone x1
  • Caphras Stone x10


Now that you have your fallen god armor and your chaotic blackstones, it’s enhancing time. Fallen god enhancement requires some pretty juicy failstacks to enhance the higher levels, and ill put a screenshot courtesy of Primm on my screen that shows you what failstacks give you which percentage values for an enhancement. Now the rule of thumb when enhancing fallen god is to raw tap your base armor to desperate armor, and raw tap your desperate to distorted, due to how high the percent chances are. Once you get past that, you’ll be wanting to cron any attempts made on your fallen god armor. In terms of what failstacks you should use, I’ve seen people talk about their own preferences and “what you should use”, but ultimately, I think you should use whatever you’re comfortable with. If it were me, I’d use between 70-90 for desperate, and for distorted i’d personally used a 130-150. Im typically a bit more conservative with my enhancing though, so if you want to use smaller stacks, and work up, that’s up to you. Once you start enhancing for Silent fallen god and above, you’re going to want to use some big boy stacks for those with your crons, since the percentages to successfully enhance are very small.