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BDO Adventure Logs Overview

BDO Adventure Logs Overview

Log books in Black Desert Online are a way for players to gain permanent stats on all of their characters (aka family wide stats) for doing exploration focused tasks. There are a ton of log books in the game, but certain ones definitely take priority over others. Specifically, the ones that grant combat bonuses, as these are basically free ways to gain extra stats on your entire account outside of gearing up. This can assist with hitting AP/DP brackets, and give you a slight edge over opponents who haven’t completed these. You can open your log books by hitting escape, adventure, then adventure log bookshelf. You can then open the log book of choice and see your next task, as well as future tasks in your current chapter. When you complete the objective listed on the page, you’ll get a notification right below the bar that has your horse, house, workers, etc, and then you just open the log book, click the red highlighted area, and the stats will be added to your family!

The log books that new players should be focusing on are as follows (listed in order of importance) with guides on how to complete them:


Acquisition: Level 51+, Finish the Calpheon main story quest line, and grab “Traces of a Great Adventurer” from the Black Spirit

Click here for a guide.

  • +4 AP
  • +2 DP
  • +90 Health Points
  • +65 Stamina
  • +28 Weight Limit
  • +9 Accuracy
  • +8 Evasion
  • +4 Inventory
  • 2x Enchanted Scroll (+100)


It is important to do at least chapter 1 which drastically boosts your agris fever for minimal effort.

Acquisition: Level 58+, and grab “Adventure Log: Agris, the Ancient Secret” from the Black Spirit

Click here for the guide.

  • +150% junk loot
  • Recover +20,000 points/day
  • 100,000 Maxium Agris Fever Points

Dorin Morgrim

Acquisition: Level 59+, and grab the ” Adventure Log: Stories of a Great Blacksmith” from the Black Spirit

Click here for the guide.

  • +1 AP
  • +25 Health Points
  • +10 Stamina
  • +1 DP

Pavino Greko

Acquisition: Speak to Pavino Greko in port Epheria and purchase his starting two log books from him. Book 1 is 500 mil, book two is 1 bil.

Click here for the guide.

  • 600 HP

Deve’s Encyclopedia

Acquisition: Grab the quest “A Book Written by a Genius or a Fool” from the Black Spirit

Click here for the guide.

  • +1 AP
  • +27 Health Points
  • +3 Stamina
  • +2 Weight Limit
  • 1 desert fox pet + 1 costume piece

Herald’s Journal

Acquisition: Level 58+, talk to Rubin in northern Calpheon City to gain knowledge of him, and then get “Adventure Log: Herald’s Journal” from the Black Spirit.

Click here for the guide.

  • +1 DP
  • +5 Health Points
  • +43 Stamina
  • +2 Weight Limit
  • +3 Max Valk’s Cry
  • 1x Enchanted Scroll (+80)

Fughar’s Adventure Journal

Acquisition: Level 57+, complete the Mediah main quest line, and grab the “Adventure Journal: From the Bottom to the Top” from the Black Spirit.

Click here for the guide.

  • 12 Fughar’s Secret Book (Contribution EXP)
  • +2 Weight Limit
  • +1 Inventory Slot
  • +1 DP