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Stamina Necromancer PvP Build ESO – Plague

Stamina Necromancer PvP Build ESO – Plague

Build Written By: Animation_Canceling – PC NA

Role: Damage Dealer

Patch: Ascending Tide

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Mortal
    5. Champion Points
    6. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives)
  3. Tips & Misc
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to DottzGaming.com’s Stamina Necromancer DPS PvP Build, Plague, for the Elder Scrolls Online! This build is intended for PvP of all kinds: Cyrodiil, Dueling, Imperial City and Battlegrounds. This build can be played in both CP and no-CP pvp as well!

This build focuses primarily on being an unkillable tank that can still delete most people with a single combo. This build has been viable for several patches now, and this was the same build I used for my Advanced Dizzying Swing Combo Guide video. I highly suggest checking out the video, it has a lot of useful information this build utilizes to maximize its damage!

Keep in mind that PvP builds are very personal. This is what worked for ME. If you don’t like something about it, change it to fit your playstyle.



Stamina Necromancer PvP Build
Gear Slot Set Weight Trait Enchant Acquisition
Head Balorgh Medium Impenetrable Prismatic Vet March of Sacrifices
Shoulders Balorgh Medium Impenetrable Prismatic Undaunted Chest
Gloves Clever Alchemist Medium Impenetrable Prismatic Crafted
Legs Essence Thief Medium Impenetrable Prismatic White-Gold Tower
Chest Clever Alchemist Heavy Reinforced Prismatic Crafted
Belt Clever Alchemist Light Impenetrable Prismatic Crafted
Boots Essence Thief Medium Impenetrable Prismatic White-Gold Tower
Necklace Essence Thief Jewelry Infused Weapon Damage White-Gold Tower
Ring Essence Thief Jewelry Infused Weapon Damage White-Gold Tower
Ring Essence Thief Jewelry Infused Weapon Damage White-Gold Tower
Weapon 1 Frenzied Momentum 2h Mace Sharpened Berserker Vet Vateshran Hollows
Weapon 2 Clever Alchemist 1h Weapon Defending Poisons Crafted
Offhand 2 Clever Alchemist Shield Sturdy Stamina Crafted

Gear Explanation

The focus of the build is to catch your opponent off guard with an unexpected burst combo. With that being said, clever alchemist, essence thief and balorgh all synergize very well together to help you secure the kill without having to apply much sustained pressure in the fight. The less your opponent is aware of your damage potentials, the easier it is to catch them off guard so try to focus on refreshing and keeping your defensive abilities. Before going in for the burst combo, I like to make sure the duration left on the defensive abilities have at least 80% duration left so that I can prolong the window in case the opponent survives the wombo combo and I have to use my execute a few more times. I also recommend refreshing the major/minor fracture right before the burst, and making sure to medium weave as the Vateshran 2h proc is very important.


All points into stamina.


ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon

Front Bar – Two Handed: Dizzying Swing, Blighted Blastbones, Mortal Coil, Executioner, Rally, Dawnbreaker of Smiting

Back Bar – 1h & Shield: Pierce Armor, Resolving Vigor, Spirit Guardian, Summoner’s Armor, Shuffle, Spell Wall

Vampire vs. WW vs. Mortal

For this build we are playing as a mortal. Werewolf doesnt have much use to use to the build, and Vampirism doesn’t have any use to us either on this setup since stamcro is tanky enough (making undeath unnecessary and not worth the sustain hit).

Champion Points

The list below showcases the order in which champion points should be acquired, the number of points you need to place into that perk and whether or not it needs to be slotted in the CP bar. The Warfare CP perks increase your damage and mitigation and are the most important, the Fitness tree has some miscellaneous sustain and defensive perks and the Craft tree has crafting and non-combat bonuses. The Craft CP points are entirely customizable to however you want, or you can follow the list below.


  • Tireless Discipline – 20
  • Piercing – 20
  • Biting Aura – 50 (Slotted)
  • Master-at-Arms – 50 (Slotted)
  • Precision – 20
  • Fighting Finesse – 50 (Slotted)
  • Quick Recovery – 20
  • Elemental Aegis – 20
  • Hardy – 20
  • Ironclad – 50 (Slotted)
  • Blessed – 20
  • Eldritch Insight – 20
  • Battle Mastery – 40
  • Mighty – 30
  • Preparation – 20


  • Tumbling – 30
  • Mystic Tenacity – 10
  • Hero’s Vigor – 20
  • Sustained by Suffering – 50 (Slotted)
  • Pain’s Refuge – 50 (Slotted)
  • Survival Instincts – 50 (Slotted)
  • Hasty – 16
  • Celerity – 50 (Slotted)
  • Defiance – 20
  • Tireless Guardian – 20
  • Fortification – 30
  • Sprinter – 20
  • Nimble Protector – 6
  • Savage Defense – 30
  • Bashing Brutality – 20
  • Piercing Gaze – 30


  • Steed’s Blessing – 50 (Slotted)
  • Breakfall – 50
  • Wanderer – 15
  • Steadfast Enchantment – 50
  • Rationer – 30 (Slotted)
  • Liquid Efficiency – 75 (Slotted)
  • Treasure Hunter – 50 (Slotted)
  • Fortune’s Favor – 50
  • Gilded Fingers – 50
  • Soul Reservoir – 33

Other Important Info

Buff Food

Orzorga’s Triple Trifle Pocket: Maximum Health and Stamina Recovery


Lover – Increased Penetration


Dark Elf: This gives us a good boost to our weapon damage, as well as our magicka and stamina pools! The fire resistance also helps a ton given how much flame damage is present in the game.


Potions: Essence of Weapon Crit (Major Savagery, Health and Stamina)
(Dragonthorn, Water Hyacinth, Columbine)

Poisons: Brutality Draining Poisons (Minor Maim & Minor Brutality)
(Stinkhorn, Blessed Thistle, Columbine)


Class (all), Medium Armor (all), Heavy Armor (all), 1h and Shield (all), Two-Handed (all), Undaunted (all), Racial (all), Alchemy (Medicinal Use), Fighter’s Guild (all except intimidation), Assault (all), Support (all except the first)

Tips & Misc.

  1. Download the addon called “Cooldowns” to help track the essence thief.
  2. Download S’rendarr and blacklist every debuff except for Off-balance and Major Fracture.
  3. Don’t spam d swing, properly weave between d swing using light,medium or heavy attacks and try to maintain blast bones at all cost.
  4. Try to pick up all the essence thief procs unless you physically can’t due to the rune parkouring up a tree, or you have 20 people chasing you. Making your decision on the appropriate time to pick up these runes will come with practice. Also, before going for the full wombo combo, make sure you have a high duration remaining on the essence thief buff.
  5. Practice the combos shown in the video linked in the introduction. Don’t forget about how important it is to maintain buffs and line up the vateshran 2h proc, clever alchemist, essence thief and balogh all together. Sometimes you will come across a tankier folk and you might have to build a bit more ultimate before attempting to blow someone up with a solid amount of balorgh proc.


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @Ani about the build!

Update Log

6/24/2019 – Build created.
8/25/2019 – Build overhauled for scalebreaker
5/28/2020 – Build brought out of archives for Greymoor
6/11/2020 – overhauled gear and cp after further testing
8/25/2020 – changed gear traits
11/2/2020 – gear trait changes
3/10/2021 – updated CP and changed FB ult
6/2/2021 – changed gear, attributes, and cp
8/25/2021 – CP and skill changes
11/1/2021 – changed monster set
3/17/2022- build writer changed and gear overhauled

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