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BDO Season Graduation Guide

BDO Season Graduation Guide

In this guide, I want to detail how to start and go through the graduation process from the season servers in Black Desert Online, how to turn your Tuvala gear into Boss Gear, as well as what your next steps should be as you venture onto the regular BDO servers!

There are 2 different ways to move on from the BDO season servers to the regular servers: graduation and early graduation. Graduation happens naturally when a season ends, but early graduation is what many people opt for but has some more steps involved, which we will go over below.

Early Graduation

There are some things you need to have completed to start early graduation.

  1. Early graduation needs to be available. This varies from season to season.
  2. Complete your BDO season pass.
  3. Make sure you’ve used Fughar’s Timepiece.
  4. Go talk to Leyla in Velia. She is located in the house near the skill instructor in Velia, however if you talk to Fughar and tell him your ready to graduate once early graduation is available, he will direct you to her.

After you talk to Leyla, she will give you a quest to go back and talk to Fughar, who will have some new quests for you to complete.

  1. Season special gift: Complete this one first which will allow you to exchange a voucher with Fughar for a special item for completing the season. For new players, I highly recommend choosing the PEN Capotia Necklace, as it’s by far the best item you can get from the season reward.
  2. Season server graduation for the future: This is just like a “are you REALLY sure you want to graduate?” sort of quest, just simply talk to Fughar again to complete this.
  3. Season server graduation into the big wide world: Before you complete this quest, you need to make sure you’re on a normal server and NOT a season server, since this is going to turn your character into a normal character. You’ll be given a certificate in your inventory that once you use it, turns your character into a normal character, locking you out of the season servers but also lifting any season-based restrictions. Once this is done, talk to Fughar and he will give you a box that is a Tuvala conversion box, and allows you to turn your season Tuvala gear (only wearable by season characters) into “normal” Tuvala gear (wearable by non-season characters). You will also get some additional rewards from this quest.

What’s Next?

Once you have all your Tuvala gear converted, assuming it’s PEN, you’re going to want to talk to Jetina (near most stables) and exchange it for her resplendent TET boss armor. This armor allows you to use the guaranteed PEN system to allow you to progress it towards PEN. You can exchange your helmet, armor, boots, gloves, and weapons. The boss gear I recommend choosing for 99% of people are as follows:

  1. Helmet: Griffon’s Helmet
  2. Chest: Red Nose
  3. Boots: Urugon’s
  4. Gloves: Bheg’s
  5. Mainhand Weapon: Kzarka
  6. Sub-Weapon: Kutum
  7. Awakening Weapon: Dandelion

Keep in mind when you exchange your weapons you get weapon boxes, allowing you to open these on any character of choice and getting their weapons. So, hypothetically, if you used Fughar’s timepiece to get a second character, but you want to play your original season character, open these boxes on the original character and it’ll give you their corresponding weapons.