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BDO Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear Guide

BDO Guaranteed PEN Boss Gear Guide

The guaranteed PEN Boss armor and weapon system in BDO was one of the things that brought me back to the game, as it provides an amazing way to transition out of the season servers and into the end-game gearing progression, and gives a good sense of progress as you upgrade your gear. The way that BDO used to be, you had to RNG enhance your gear all the time, or save up a ludicrous amount of silver for a singular upgrade. Now, the progression path feels more consistent, and is mostly quicker than just raw purchasing pieces outright.

Before we get into the system itself I just want to give you guys a top down look of how the system works, and then ill explain it in specifics. Basically, you get pieces of TET boss armor and weapons from Jetina who can be found in any major town by the stables. Using certain materials that you gather to craft reform stones, you upgrade this TET boss to PEN over time by placing said resplendent reform stones into the gear. Every time you upgrade the stone in the gear, you gain stats so your gear progressively gets better as it gets towards pen. Once you hit reform stone 5, you can exchange the gear at Jetina for a PEN version of the boss piece you’ve been using. Do note that this gear cannot be sold/enhanced/caphras. However, once it is PEN, it can be turned into fallen god pieces or caphras’d like normal pen boss gear, but still is unable to be sold.

Now while that’s great and all, what pieces does this apply to and how do i actually do it?

Guaranteed PEN System Intro

The guaranteed PEN armor and weapon pieces apply to boss armor and weapons, totaling 7 pieces: your head, gloves, shoes, armor, main weapon, sub weapon and awakening weapon. You can get started with this system right after the season server with your PEN tuvala gear by talking to Jetina and exchanging your gear for her TET resplendent boss armor. You can also, if you’ve played in the past and are coming back, exchange regular TET boss armor for this upgradeable boss armor. When you exchange your Tuvala pieces, you can choose which pieces of boss armor you want. Now, while certain people may want to consider an evasion setup, the overwhelming majority of people watching this video are going to benefit more highly from going into a DR focused setup. So, the gear pieces I’d recommend getting are:

  1. Helmet: Griffon’s Helmet
  2. Chest: Red Nose
  3. Boots: Urugon’s
  4. Gloves: Bheg’s
  5. Mainhand Weapon: Kzarka
  6. Sub-Weapon: Kutum
  7. Awakening Weapon: Dandelion

Reform Stones

Now that we have our gear, what’s the next step? Now we can actually start creating the reform stones. Over time, we can create 5 reform stones, and as i said earlier, our piece gets more and more stats as we place these reform stones into the gear. Do note that you need to place them in the piece in order, so you will need to create all these reform stones. You cant only create, say, a rank 4 stone and skip the first 3. The first 4 reform stones require 5 materials to make, with the amounts getting higher as you make higher reform stones. To create the reform stones, you need to use processing > heating on the following materials per stone:

  • Reform Stone 1: 10 Concentrated Magical Black Stones, 20 Magical Shards, 50 Memory Fragments, 60 boss crystals, and a Rough Opal
  • Reform Stone 2: 20 Concentrated Magical Black Stones, 30 Magical Shards, 100 Memory Fragments, 60 boss crystals, and a Polished Opal
  • Reform Stone 3: 30 Concentrated Magical Black Stones, 50 Magical Shards, 150 Memory Fragments, 60 boss crystals, and a Brilliant Opal
  • Reform Stone 4: 40 Concentrated Magical Black Stones, 100 Magical Shards, 250 Memory Fragments, 60 boss crystals, and a Moonlight Opal

Concentrated Magical Black stones, Memory Fragments and the opals can just be purchased off of the marketplace. The boss crystals are acquired from either killing the bosses, or exchanging boss auras to Jetina for a ton of these crystals which is personally what i recommend doing. Also, if you have extra dark spirit greed from doing your rift bosses, you can exchange those for the boss weapon auras to turn into the crystals if you so choose. The magical shards are acquired from heating black magic crystals, so you’re gonna want to find whichever one is the cheapest for your server, buy a ton, and heat them down into the magical shards.

Reform Stone 5 is where things get a little bit different. We need 50 Concentrated magical black stones, 450 memory fragments, 120 boss crystals, 30 boss aura and 1 oquilla crystal.

The boss aura for reform stone 5 is acquired by performing simple alchemy on a tri level of the boss gear you’re trying to upgrade. So, if you’re trying to upgrade your resplendent griffons helm, you’ll need acquire a tri griffons helm, perform simple alchemy on it and you’ll be able to get the 30 aura you need.

Oquilla Pieces

Where things get expensive with this system is the oquilla crystal. You can acquire this by talking to Jetina and getting one of the main quests she has for either a weapon crystal or an armor crystal. She will tell you she will give you an oquilla crystal if you give her oquilla pieces of the old moon. These can be purchased from an old moon manager, like Stee in heidel who is near the training dummies. These cost a flat amount and are quite expensive, and the amount of Oquilla pieces that Jetina wants for the oquilla crystal will get more expensive the more boss pieces you get to pen. The amount of crystals you need for weapons are as follows:

  • The first boss weapon will require 30 oquilla pieces to get the Crystal, which totals 1.5 billion
  • Second will require 70 which costs 3.5 bil
  • Third will require 120 which costs 6 bil.

For your armor, the amount of pieces you need are as follows:

  • First piece requires 80 which costs, 4 bil
  • Second requires 120 which costs 6 bil.
  • Third requires 160 which costs 8 bil
  • Fourth requires 220 which costs 11 billion silver.

Now as you can see, these oquilla crystals get VERY expensive. So that is why, the rule of thumb that most people have is to get 2 or 3 pieces of armor through the guaranteed pen system depending on market prices, and then buy your possibly third and definitely fourth pieces outright off of the MP or go through the enhancement system. On the weapon side of things, what I recommend doing is to get your Kzarka and Dandelion to pens through this system, and then get your Kutum to reform stone 4 and then stop there. This will give you essentially a PEN kutum without needing to spend the money on the oquilla stone, saving you a TON of silver. You can upgrade this pen later on, but it will be one of the last gear upgrades you ever do, so I wouldn’t even worry about it for a long, long time.

Finishing the Upgrade

When you’re done upgrading your gear with the 5th crystal, I recommend removing any crystals you have in the gear if you want to save them, because we will be giving this item to jetina and getting a new pen item. So, with that done, talk to jetina and she will have a quest called Old Moon’s Brilliant X, and you’ll hand in your upgraded tet item to her and get a Pen version of the item, a brand stone and 2 crystal removal tools! Now, you can start adding caphras to this gear like any other pen piece, and for the case of your helm and chest, start working on turning those pieces into a fallen god chest or labreska helm!

Do note that if at any point during the process you want to exchange your armor or weapon for another piece, you can chat with Jetina and click “i exchanged the wrong boss item” and she will direct you to Yisar Pjetyo <Alchemist> located in Tarif and they can give you a different piece! You can change your mind up to once per gear slot. Do keep in mind though that the piece must be at base before you exchange it.