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BDO Complete Abyss One: The Magnus Puzzles Guide

BDO Complete Abyss One: The Magnus Puzzles Guide

The Magnus is a relatively new piece of content that Pearl Abyss recently released for BDO, where you complete a 100 quest long quest chain filled with puzzles to unlock some awesome quality of life features for your account. This includes the ability to deposit and withdraw from any storage without physically being there using your maids, the ability to fast travel to several points indicated by wells around the world, a new rabam skill and finally a free piece of pen boss armor (weapons not included). Today’s guide is going to showcase primarily the puzzles and how to solve them, helping you get through the magnus as quickly as you can so you can get those sweet QOL upgrades and free gear piece.

Getting Started

To start the Magnus questline, simply talk to the Black Spirit and he will have a quest for you available which can be seen noted by [The Magnus] tag in front of it. Youll go through a basic quest chain to get to the magnus, meet wuju who is in charge of the magnus, and then begin your journey of puzzles. For all of these puzzles, youll know youve completed them when a black cat appears, meows at you, and leads you to a portal back to the magnus.

The Puzzles

Peaceful Viglante

For this puzzle youll find yourself in a boat. It isnt much of a puzzle to be honest, as you just simply need to row your boat around the water picking up various lights. Very easy way to kick things off.

Sad Red-Nose Imp

For this puzzle youll find yourself in a cave with Red Nose, whos running around the cave with a conal aoe in front of him. If you step in that, youll fail the puzzle and have to start over. For this one, youll find 4 pearls scattered around the cave. You need to pick them up, and bring them to the light in the center in the cave without getting caught in Red Nose’s conal.

Pendulum Goes Clickety-Clack

This is another pretty easy puzzle. You simply need to pick up the pearl under the glowing light and successfully walk it to the other side of the path without getting hit by any of the orbs. Do this a few times, and the puzzle will be complete.

Golden Lion of Serendia

This puzzle has multiple parts. First off, you need to put out fires blocking your path. Interact with the small water fall in the entrance room which will give you a buff. Now, walk slowly towards the fire and as you get near it itll put the fire in your path out. Do this as you slowly approach the gate and then eventually Jordine will open the door. When you reach the next room there will be a bunch of black spirits floating around that will kill you if you just try and walk through it, so use your class’s movement abilities to get through that area. Then, talk to Jordine and he wil motion you towards the pedestals on the ground. While you technically have the option to have jordine stand on one of the platforms, he often bugs out, so you can use the pearl and yourself to accomplish the same thing. So with the entrance behind you, place the pearl on the top left pedestal and stand on the bottom right one. This will open the doors on the right side of the room. Then, using class abilities, gap close into the room and the doors will shut behind you. While inside, you need to loot items to place on the tables in each room, and each room has 2 items. Interact with the flag and the sword and shield in the room to acquire the 2 items you need, and then use the wheel to get yourself out. Now to get into the other room, you need to flip the positions of the pearl and yourself, placing the pearl at the top right with you standing at the bottom left, opening the door on the left side of the room, again using the entrance where you came in as a reference point of being behind you. Again, gap close into the room and youll see a container of parchments to interact with, as well as barrels to interact with. Now that you have all the items you need to place them on the correct tables. If you talk to the statues outside each room itll give you hints to where the items need to go, and if you place the items on the correct table the text prompt will tell you “you hear something activate”. In the room on the right, place the ancient orders and the flag, and in the room on the left, place the quiver and the helmet. Afterwards, the door will open and youll get a very basic combat phase, where you need to kil some mobs as well as damage gates to continue through. Once you get through youll reach the boss, Katzvariak. Kill him, and the puzzle will be complete.

Exploding Fireworks

This next challenge is very easy. Simply talk to the glowing red snake, who will summon a cannon for you to use. Hop onto it, and using the cannon’s controls, shoot the monsters trying to reach the crystal in the middle continuously until the challenge finishes.

To the Dragon Palace

This next one is a bit of a pain in the butt if im going to be honest with you. For this challenge, you need to interact with orbs that will port you around, with the goal of reaching the platform all the way at the top. This is the only part of the guide where im not 100% on if there is a rhyme or reason to this puzzle, as i just kept interacting with orbs til i got to the right place. When you click a correct orb, it will glow dark so if you get sent back to the beginning, you know which path is the correct path to take. Incorrect orbs will glow a bright yellowish white. Simply interact with these until you get to the platform at the top, and then jump off into the water.

Some Adventurer’s Grave

For this puzzle, you need to reach a glowing area on the opposite side of the room from where you start, however there are several pillars that shoot lazers that kill you blocking your path, so you just need to sneak past them. With your weapons sheathed, press Q to crouch, and walk to the other side. You then have to pick up a pearl and bring it to another glowing area once the red AOEs in the roome dissapate. And just like that, youre done.

The Girl Who Lost the Sea

This is what I would consider one of the worst puzzles in the entire Magnus just due to it being annoying and buggy. It’s fairly easy though conceptually. First, light the fire in the middle of the island, then talk to Lara who will tell you she needs to gather supplies. If you ask her where things are, a glowing yellow light will be summoned that shows you. Everything is very easy to find except for one thing which is the hard trees. These are on the VERY edge of the island. So, follow the light, and as you go down the slope on the side of the island, be very careful not to walk to fast or youll slip into the water. But, if you hug the island as much as you can, youll be able to get to the tree and cut it down. Then once lara has all the materials for your raft, she will have you bring it to the edge of the island and motion for you to leave. Normally the raft should take you to the magnus platform and youre done, however, mine bugged out. Some people said i needed to restart the quest but that isnt true, you actually can swim out to the magnus platform. It’s a pain dont get me wrong, but its better than having to cut down those trees again.

Only Thing that Matters

Another simple puzzle. Simply face the orb in the pillars in the opposite direction that the NPC standing in the middle is facing. You’ll know if you done it correct if the orb in each pillar glows a faint yellow.

Beneath the Surface

To complete this puzzle, speak to the NPC in the cave and get the Ferocious Thief Mole quest which will allow you to start. Then, a bunch of moving dust piles will appear on the ground that are moles beneath the surface. Simply attack them as much as you can until you eventually find the right mole. Then talk to the NPC again, complete the quest, and youre done.

A Rowdy Crowd

This next puzzle is simply a horse taming quest. With your rope and sugar, approach a horse and use the capturing rope with your crosshairs on the horse. Press LMB and youll enter the horse mini game. Youll want to approach the horse and, if the horse bucks, you want to hit the spacebar as fast as you can. As you win the mini game, slowly approach the horse. You may have to complete the mini game multiple times. As you get to the horse, use the lumps of sugar which will increase your probability to successfully mount the horse, and then try and get on. Mount the horse, bring it to the cart, then interact with the cart to connect it, and thats about it.

Captivating Cruise

For this puzzle, you need to move around a shipwrecked boat and find a flare to signal for help without being caught by the pirates. Basically just run around the ship and interact with anything you can to try and find the flare. Whenever you get a prompt that says pirates are nearby and you need to hide, press Q to crouch or go underneath the water to avoid detection. Once they pass, go back to looking for the flare. Once you find it, go to the front of the ship all the way at the top, interact to fire it off, and youre done.

Look Before You

This was definitely one of the tougher puzzles for me and i probably wouldnt have completed it without the help of chat. To start, talk with Yeonhwa to intiate the quest. Then, go as far up the staircase as you can until you see some ancient writing on the wall, and then interact with it. Afterwards, go down the stairs until you see an oil lamp on the wall. Youll notice an area of the stairs missing right in front of the lamp. Fall through that and youll land on an invisible platform. There will then be a wheel on the wall you have to spin, which unlocks the next piece of the puzzle. Then, again, go as far up the staircase as you can until you see some ancient writing on the wall, and then interact with it. I had problems with this part of the quest just bugging out, but im pretty sure you need to interact with the wheel that is as far down the stairs as possible that had a mob spawn next to it to unlock the next phase of this puzzle, but i did have issues with this part bugging out a bit for me. Then with that done, again, go as far up the staircase as you can until you see some ancient writing on the wall, and then interact with it. Youll see a transluscent path spawn in the middle of the room. Just walk onto it, gapclose behind the mob, and kill it. Then, again, go as far up the staircase as you can until you see some ancient writing on the wall, and then interact with it. At this point hordes of enemies will spawn, as well as – for some reason – glowing Dogs and Chickens scattered around the room. These are actually platforms that you need to traverse to get to the final area. Follow them until you get to the black cat, and just like that, youre done.

Stormy Hills

To start this puzzle, once you spawn into the area, interact with the orb in the middle of the island youre on. You will then see an ever-closing circular area of lightning. Your goal is to stay in the middle of the lightning storm and not get struck. Just make sure to stay in the middle of that area to stay safe, do that a bunch of times, and the puzzle will be complete.

Struggle for Survival

The next quest is one of our first combat oriented puzzles. All you need to do is defend the platform back to the magnus from a horde of centaurs, as well as Kutum and Nouver. Once you hold your ground and the platform is fixed, youll port back to safety.

Soar Like a Bird

This one is incredibly easy. Talk to Baulo grab his quests and listen to his story, and then youll have to answer some questions. The answers are as follows:
Q1. 2 Eagles flew by
Q2. Seagull
And that’s it. Very easy.

Scarlet Thread

If you’ve ever played snake before, this quest will be very easy for you to do. Touch the orb in the middle of the area and then 3 NPCs glowing yellow, blue and red will spawn as well as 3 corresponding colored orbs. You need to grab the pearl by the NPCs feet, and walk it along a path to the corresponding orb, making sure to do it in such a fashion that it wouldnt cross the path of the others. Do that, and youre done.

Peculiar Library

For this quest you need to talk to Jordine and answer some questions to complete this puzzle. If you fail, you need to run around the library and find the book with the answer. However, ill give you the answer to his questions, which are as follows.
Q1. Wind & Lightning
Q2. If there’s no bread, than cake!
Q3. Everlasting Glory of the Vedir, Odore

End of Tomorrow

This is another one that’s kind of a pain. To start, talk with Jordine, who will tell you to bring the pearl from the cart to the end of a path that has tons of traps on it. Hop into the cart, grab the pearl, and try to traverse the path without getting hit by anything. Some traps are buried in the sand, so be very aware of this and try to remember where the are when and if you fail. I found a “just hold the W key and run for it” strategy to work the best, but find what works for you! Drop the pearl off at the end of the goal, and youre done.

Southward Travels

To start this one, talk to Yeonhwa and accept her quest. Afterwards, follow the prompt to turn the wheel to open the gate in front of you. Once you go through that you’ll be at your first puzzle. To complete this, interact with any of the torches in the room to get Kindling. Afterwards, youll walk to one of three pedestals you need to set fire to: the one in the middle of the room, and the two that were on either side of the path you took into the room itself. Only certain kindling will work on each pedestal, and youll know if you got it right because the fire will stay lit. Im not 100% sure which kindling goes to which pedestal, but there arent many options here to simple trial and error will not take long. Once you complete that, the gate to the next room will open, and you and Yeonhwa will go through the gate and start the Yeonhwa’s destiny puzzle. After this starts, Yeonhwa will lead you towards a path that is blocked while you dodge AoEs. When you get there, she tells you she needs you to unlock the gate blocking your path. You will find in the surrounding area objects on the ground that you can interact with (they have glowing yellow circles near them), such as a big spherical object, an arch like object, and a couple more. Your goal here is to go to each of these objects around the room, interact with them to pick up ruin fragments, and then bring the item you pick up to the corresponding shape in the center. If you look towards the center of the room, youll see glowing shapes which indicate what you need to bring to it. So, for example, to place the spherical fragment, grab the loose spherical fragment in the room, bring it to the glowing sphere in the center, interact with it to place it, and youre done. Do that for each of the corresponding shapes and Yeonhwa will open the door, and youre done!

Riddle of the Slumbering Sage

This is a memory style puzzle. You stand in the middle of the room and will see 2 small circles which we will refer to as “platforms”. When this puzzle starts, youll see shadowy monsters appear in the room depicting certain animals. You need to memorize the animals that appear. Once those dissapear, youll see 2 appear on the platforms in front of you. Your goal is to choose the one that didnt appear. Simply repeat this process until the puzzle is complete.

Third Laboratory

This next puzzle is also a fairly simple one. Youll walk into a cave and see red nose surrounded by an energy field. Talk to the chimera to start this puzzle. Your goal is to maintain the energy field around red nose at an acceptable level. Hit the red pillars to make the field smaller, and the blue one to make it bigger. Repeat this process until the puzzle is complete.

Where the Dragon Sleeps

For this puzzle, start it by talking to Leon. Then, with your weapons sheathed, press Q to enter crouch. You’ll see a dragon in the room ahead of you – walk towards the dragon crouched, being sure not to hit any of the pots in the room. Sneak to the back of the dragon and you’ll see a treasure chest behind him. Interact with it, and youre done.

Light Bearing Pot

This puzzle is honestly a game of chance. Simply destroy pots trying to find a light in one of the pots. After you destroy a set of pots, look to see if any of them contained a light. If it did, interact and youre done. If not, just repeat this game over and over until you find which one has it.

Into the Fire

For this puzzle, you need to bring pearls to platforms around the enemy in the middle of the room. Walk towards the glowing pearl, and pick it up. After, try to avoid all the AoEs and bring the pearl to one of the platforms surrounding the enemy in the center of the room. Repeat this process until all the platforms have a pearl placed on it, and youre done.

Rhutums Strike Back

Talk to the Rhutum Wizard standing outside of the gate so that he allows you to enter the fortress standing in front of you. Once inside, he will start channeling a spell and asks you to guard the gate. For this puzzle, you’ll have two types of groups approach the fortress, one is a big group of Rhutums, and another is just two Rhutum Wizards. You want to close the gate for the big group of Rhutums so they cant enter the fortress, and open the gate for the 2 wizards. Repeat that process until the wizards finish channeling their spell.

Greatsword’s Master

And just like that we are on our final puzzle, which is simply a boss fight. All you need to do is choose your difficulty, easy or hard, which as far as i know has 0 outcome on the completion of the magnus so i just chose easy to get it done as quickly as possible. Walk up to the warrior, one shot him, and that’s that.