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[ARCHIVED] Magicka Nightblade PvP Build ESO – Crimson Reaper

[ARCHIVED] Magicka Nightblade PvP Build ESO – Crimson Reaper

[ARCHIVED]: This build has been archived, which means it is no longer being updated. However, this web-page will be left up for those who still would like to refer to it.

Build Written By: Dottz Gaming – PC NA

Role: Damage Dealer

Patch: Blackwood

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Vampire vs. Mortal
    5. Champion Points
    6. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives)
  3. Tips & Misc
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to DottzGaming.com’s Magicka Nightblade DPS PvP Build, Crimson Reaper, for the Elder Scrolls Online! This build is intended for PvP of all kinds: battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, dueling, and Imperial City. This build can be played in both CP and no-CP pvp without any changes to the build!

It has been awhile since I have played my magicka nightblade, but I decided to bring it back with the Greymoor chapter due to the introduction of the new vampire skill line! The new vampire gives magicka nightblade a lot of benefits, and in my opinion has made the class extremely fun to play again! This build is one of my favorite magblade pvp builds that I have played in awhile; it’s mobile, has great damage, good sustain, and enough tankiness to deal the damage it needs to deal! We utilize the vampire ultimate as our primary ultimate, and while we deal plenty of damage outside of scion form, once we pop that ult, the build’s true potential unlocks, spiking our magicka up insanely high! If you want to truly embrace the new vampire skill line in PvP in ESO, the Crimson Reaper build is the perfect one to do it!

Keep in mind that PvP builds are very personal. This is what worked for ME. If you don’t like something about it, change it to fit your playstyle.



Magicka Nightblade PvP Build
Gear Slot Set Weight Trait Enchant Acquisition
Head Slimecraw Heavy Impenetrable Prismatic Vet Wayrest Sewers 1
Shoulders Slimecraw Heavy Impenetrable Magicka Undaunted Chest
Gloves Crafty Alfiq Light Impenetrable Magicka Elsweyr or Guild Trader
Legs Crafty Alfiq Light Impenetrable Prismatic Elsweyr or Guild Trader
Chest Crafty Alfiq Light Impenetrable Prismatic Elsweyr or Guild Trader
Belt Crafty Alfiq Light Impenetrable Magicka Elsweyr or Guild Trader
Boots Crafty Alfiq Light Impenetrable Magicka Elsweyr or Guild Trader
Necklace Necropotence Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Ring Necropotence Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Ring Necropotence Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Weapon 1 Necropotence Flame Sharpened Shock Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Weapon 2 Necropotence Restoration Defending Weapon & Spell Damage Rivenspire or Guild Trader

Gear Explanation

  • Slimecraw: This monster set adds a nice amount of additional damage to the build by giving us permanent uptime on minor berserk, increasing our damage by 5%!
  • Necropotence: One of the best damage sets for any builds that use a pet. Since our Shadow Image technically counts as a pet, we are able to use Necropotence and get the full value out of the set!
  • Crafty Alfiq: Since we wanted to go for a maximum magicka stack on this build, we decided to use this set paired with Necropotence since these two sets give us the most amount of magicka! The magicka stack is not only beneficial from a damage perspective, but it strengthens our heals and makes our Dampen Magic shield a tough one to crack through (which is important this patch since healing was nerfed but damage shields were not).


All points into Magicka.


ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon

Main Bar – Destruction Staff: Swallow Soul, Dark Cloak, Merciless Resolve, Elemental Drain, Mass Hysteria, Soul Harvest

Back Bar – Restoration Staff: Dampen Magic, Shadow Image, Rapid Regeneration, Siphoning Attacks, Elusive Mist, Swarming Scion

Vampire vs. Mortal

For this build I recommend playing a vampire, as the build is based around it. Vampire unlocks a lot of potential power for magicka nightblade in my opinion via an insanely powerful ultimate, the ability to use mist form, a stun and some great passives to help boost our power! For this build, you are going to want to play in Vampire Stage 3. If you’re having trouble sustaining, feel free to play in stage 2, just keep in mind you wont have the Undeath passive.

Champion Points

The list below showcases the order in which champion points should be acquired, the number of points you need to place into that perk and whether or not it needs to be slotted in the CP bar. The Warfare CP perks increase your damage and mitigation and are the most important, the Fitness tree has some miscellaneous sustain and defensive perks and the Craft tree has crafting and non-combat bonuses. The Craft CP points are entirely customizable to however you want, or you can follow the list below.


  • Eldritch Insight – 20
  • Piercing – 20
  • Deadly Aim – 50 (Slotted)
  • Master-at-Arms – 50 (Slotted)
  • Quick Recovery – 20
  • Elemental Aegis – 20
  • Hardy – 20
  • Duelist’s Rebuff – 50 (Slotted)
  • Unassailable – 50 (Slotted)
  • Blessed – 20
  • Tireless Discipline – 20
  • Flawless Ritual – 40
  • War Mage – 30
  • Precision – 20
  • Preparation – 20


  • Boundless Vitality – 50 (Slotted)
  • Rejuvenation – 50 (Slotted)
  • Tumbling – 30
  • Mystic Tenacity – 10
  • Hero’s Vigor – 20
  • Defiance – 20
  • Juggernaut – 50 (Slotted)
  • Shield Master – 10
  • Bastion – 50 (Slotted)
  • Hasty – 16
  • Sprinter – 20
  • Tireless Guardian – 20
  • Fortification – 30
  • Nimble Protector – 6
  • Savage Defense – 30
  • Piercing Gaze – 30
  • Bashing Brutality – 10


  • Steed’s Blessing – 50 (Slotted)
  • Breakfall – 50
  • Wanderer – 15
  • Steadfast Enchantment – 50
  • Rationer – 30 (Slotted)
  • Liquid Efficiency – 75 (Slotted)
  • Treasure Hunter – 50 (Slotted)
  • Fortune’s Favor – 50
  • Gilded Fingers – 50
  • Soul Reservoir – 33

Other Important Info

Buff Food

Bewitched Sugar Skulls: Maximum Health, Magicka and Stamina


Mage – Increased Maximum Magicka


Breton – Definitely the best race for this build. Vampire characters come with a pretty heft cost increase to your non-vampire abilities, and being a Breton greatly helps mitigate that cost increase via its 7% cost reduction and 100 magicka recovery. Besides the great regen Breton offers, we also get a big boost to our magicka and a ton of extra resistances.


Spell Power Potions (Spell Crit, Spell Damage, Magicka Restoration)
Cornflower, Ladys Smock, Water Hyacinth


Class (all), Light Armor (all), Heavy Armor (all except the ones that require you to wear 5 pieces), Restoration (all), Destruction Staff (all), Mages Guild (all), Undaunted (all), Racial (all), Psijic Order (Clairvoyance and Concentrated Barrier), Vampire (all except Unnatural Movement), Alchemy (Medicinal Use), Assault (all), Support (all except the first)

Tips & Misc.

  • Maintaining Merciless Resolve, Elemental Drain, Shadow Image and Siphoning Attacks is important for the builds offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as sustain!
  • The goal of the build is simple outside of maintaining buffs/debuffs: light attack weave with Swallow Soul and fire off the Spectral Bow from Merciless Resolve when it procs! When you get your ultimate, Swarming Scion, pop that and watch your enemies melt before your eyes!
  • Use Mass Hysteria to shake off multiple targets and relieve pressure on you!
  • You have a ton of passive healing coming in from Swallow Soul and Siphoning Attacks. If you need a large amount of defense in a pinch, use Dampen Magic followed by a Rapid Regeneration, and your Dark Cloak if you need it.
  • Elusive Mist and Summon Shade give you a LOT of mobility. Always make sure to have a shade placed (for major resolve and necropotence too) to give yourself an escape route. When you port to the shade, you can also mist form to get away even faster! If you’re too far from your shade or porting would put you in a bad position, use Elusive Mist to get to safety and replace your shade!


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @Dottz about the build!

Update Log

6/3/2020 – Build created.
8/25/2020 – minor gear changes and skill changes
11/2/2020 – Minor gear trait/cp changes
3/10/2021 – skill/cp changes
6/2/2021- updated monster helm and cp