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BDO Guaranteed PEN Accessory Guide

BDO Guaranteed PEN Accessory Guide

In BDO, your character can wear 6 accessories: 2 earrings, 2 rings, 1 necklace and 1 belt. These attribute for a signficant portion of your offensive power, and are some of your most difficult pieces to upgrade and progress in black desert online. Raw purchasing accessories is expensive, while trying to enhance accessories is very difficult due to the fact that when non-cronned accessory enhancement attempts fail, the piece is DESTROYED. The guaranteed Pen system gives us a way for us to get 1 guaranteed PEN ring or earring, giving us an easy way to save billions of silver acquiring one of the most important items on our character.

Getting Started

The PEN accessory you get through this system though cant be sold on the marketplace, and itll be something we build up over time. To start, you need to be level 56+ and talk to the Black Spirit to get a quest called “A Cry for Help”, under the suggested quest tab. You’ll then talk to Jetina to do the “Old Moon Guild’s Trader Offer” quest, and from there youll be able to choose which guaranteed PEN accessory you want. We have 3 choices:

  • Ring of the Crescent Guardian
  • Narc Ear Accessory
  • Tungrad Earring

For 99% of people, you’re going to want to choose the Ring of the Crescent Guardian. It provides the best silver to power gained out of the 3 accessories at the point you’ll be working on getting it. However, come end game, certain defensive builds may want to prioritize utilizing the Narc Ear Accessory. Thankfully, you can swap your accessory twice with Jetina: once when it’s TET, and once when it’s PEN, in case your needs change.


Now to actually enhance this piece up to PEN, we need to get Burning Moonlight Black Stones. These are created using the following materials with simply alchemy processing:

  • 100 Armor or Weapon Black Stones (Acquired from a ton of sources or purchased off of the MP)
  • 1 Yona’s Fragment (Heat gold quality accessories. Knowledge on doing this can be acquired from Ossa Dilla in Valencia city and simply chatting with her to spend 35 energy to learn).
  • 10 Old Moon Catalyst (purchased from Old Moon Managers like Stee in Heidel)
  • 3 Magical Shard (acquired from heating giold quality Black Magic Crystals)
  • 1 Burning Moonlight Blackstone Powder (acquired from doing Jetina dailies)

Jetina will give you a lot of options for dailies depending on what your doing in game, from life skill dailies to grinding dailies. Do note that life skill dailies rewards 1 powder, while grinding gives you two. She has a daily quest for the most common grind spots in the game, but if for some reason you don’t see yours on the list, you can always get the “kill all creatures” quest which will take a little bit more time but any mob in the world counts.

Now the number of Burning Moonlight Black Stones needed will vary based on the enhancement level of your accessory.

  • Base >Pri: 5
  • Pri > Duo: 15
  • Duo > Tri: 20
  • Tri > TET: 30
  • TET > PEN: 110

So as you can see, while getting to TET isnt all that bad, the stretch to PEN is going to take awhile, so expect this to be something you do progressively over time. Your total cost to get up to TET will take about:

  • 70 Yona’s Fragments
  • 210 Magical Shards
  • 7000 Black Stones
  • 700 Old Moon Catalyst
  • Doing 35 combat dailies or 70 life skill dailies for Burning Moonlight Blackstone Powder

From TET to PEN will take:

  • 110 Yona’s Fragments
  • 330 Magical Shards
  • 11000 Black Stones
  • 1000 Old Moon Catalyst
  • Doing 55 combat dailies or 110 life skill dailies for Burning Moonlight Blackstone Powder

So as you can see, getting this accessory to pen is an expensive endeavor, however it’s still cheaper than buying it outright.

While enhancing the accessory from Base to TET, you’ll simply use the Burning Moonlight Blackstones to do the enhancement. However, the last step in the process is a bit different. Along with the 110 stones, you also need to purchase (or enhance) a TRI version of the accessory you have, so using Crescent Guardian as an example, you’d need to buy a TRI ring of the crescent guardian off of the markeptlace. With your guaranteed TET accessory in your bags, you’ll talk to Jetina and she will have a quest called “Shining Brighter: Ring of the Crescent Guardian” or whatever accessory name you have. You’ll then hand her the 110 burning moonlight blackstones and the TRI accessory, and then she will give you a Dancing Moonlight Black Stone. You will then right click that item, and use it to enhance your ring to PEN. And just like that, you have your PEN accessory, no RNG enhancement needed.