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BDO Elvia Cups for Accessories Guide

BDO Elvia Cups for Accessories Guide

Elvia Cups in Black Desert Online are relatively simple: you simply grind up materials on Elvia servers, combine them using heating via processing and then apply the cup to your gear – as easy as that! Certain cups can also be purchased/sold on the marketplace as well. For example, acquiring the necklace health cup is really cheap on the marketplace, and very easy to purchase. However, for the majority of the others, you’ll be grinding them up yourself.

You can place cups on your necklace, ring, earrings, belt and alchemy stone. There is 1 cup choice for the necklace, earrings, and alchemy stone currently, and 2 for your ring and belt.

Creating the Cups

The chart below shows the cups for the necklace and your rings and the materials needed. The cup on your necklace gives HP, and the cup for your rings can either give Critical Damage or Max HP. For your rings, you’re going to generally want to go for clouded rings aka the HP rings, but there may be niche situations where Starlit rings aka the critical rings might be better for your class.

Necklace and Ring Cups Materials

For your earrings, the cup you can acquire, Arboreal, gives you additional AP, and this chart below shows the amount of materials needed.

Earring Cup Materials

For your belt, you have two options: the tidal cup, which gives 6 damage reduction, or the nightfallen cup, which gives 3 all ap. In general, the 6 damage reduction is the superior choice, even for evasion classes, due to the fact that the AP from the nightfallen cup is hidden ap and not sheet ap. The materials needed can be seen on the chart.

Belt cup materials.

Finally, you have your alchemy stone cup, the Blessed Soul Fragment, which gives you 2 DP, 1% Monster Damage Reduction, and 2% all resistance. Again, the needed materials can be found on the chart below.

Alchemy Stone cup materials.

Where to Farm

In terms of where and how to acquire needed materials for the various cups, these need to all be farmed on an Elvia server.

  • The Heart of the Arid Forest is acquired at the Orc Camp.
  • The Shard of the Furious Night can be dropped at Castle Ruins and Orc Camp
  • The Shard of the Tearful Night can be acquired at Altar Imps and Swamp Foghans
  • The Shard of the Drained Night can be acquired at Biraghi Den, Naga Swamp and Bloody Monastery.
  • Crystallized Despair for your alchemy stone can be acquired from killing any monsters in Calpheon.

Removing Cups

To remove cups, you need to go to a blacksmith and have them extract it. However, i highly recommend avoiding this due to the fact that you barely get any of the materials back. So, make sure youre using the cups on gear that you want to use long term. You can be a bit more liberal with the health cup since its cheap and easy to acquire, but for the others, apply them wisely.

*NOTE: All charts on this guide are courtesy of GrumpyGreenCricket.