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BDO Beginner Fairy Guide

BDO Beginner Fairy Guide

The fairy system in BDO is extremely important for your account progression, and provides a significant source of convenience for your character such as automatically using potions, allowing you to carry more weight, ressurect for free and much more. You summon the fairy, and while she is active, she gives you all of those passive bonuses. Now, while thankfully the fairy that you get is account wide, unfortunately, the Fairy system in BDO is one of worst systems in the game, and essentially forces you to spend IRL money in order to avoid spending billions and billions of silver to get the ideal fairy. But, I’m going to show you guys today the basics of the system, and how to navigate this system as cheaply as possible so that hopefully get the best fairy you can without spending a ton!

Getting Started

To start the quest line to get your first fairy, you will need to be level 52 or higher and have completed the [Boss] Witch-Hunting quest.

You then need to grab the quest “Fairy Queen Theiah” from your Black Spirit under the suggestions tab. The quest will take you to Kamaslyve Temple east of Heidel, where you need to do a quest line to unlock your fairy. Once you complete this quest line, you’ll get a Sealed Fairy Wing, which is an RNG box that gives you a fairy. Once you open the box and right click the fairy to use it, you can summon it by clicking the fairy icon that the top left corner and then clicking summon. If you end up getting a lower tier fairy and want to get a better one later on, you can get Laila’s Petals as rare mob drops, bring 2 back to Fairy Queen Theiah, and exchange them for another RNG fairy box. If you end up pulling a better fairy out of this box and then want to use it, unsummon your current one, press release, and then from there use the new fairy out of your inventory. You need to do this because you can only have 1 fairy at a time. If you end up getting a high tier fairy and no longer need the petals/wings, you can exchange them with Ceilyn for a variety of different items.

Another way to get a higher tier fairy is with Sprouting. This can be done by clicking “Sprouting” in your fairy window if you dont have a t4 fairy. By using Sweet Honey Wine or Ornette’s Honey Wine, you can guarantee a Fairy tier upgrade with enough wine used. So, if you only manage to pull a t3, this can be a reliable way to get yourself a t4 fairy at a bit of a silver cost.

Fairy Information

Now you heard me mention tiers, so let’s talk about the Fairy Tiers, Levels, and Skills.

Fairies have 4 tiers and each tier can have a different amount of levels and skills. Each fairy has the skill Gift at default which gives you +1 Luck, and then it learns another skill every 10 levels.

  • Faint – Tier 1 – 10 levels – 1 additional skill
  • Glimmering – Tier 2 – 20 levels – 2 additional skills
  • Brilliant – Tier 3 – 30 levels – 3 additional skills
  • Radiant – Tier 4 – 40 levels – 4 additional skills

Each skill also has a level of 1 to 5 which is completely random when you learn the skill. Higher tier fairies have a better chance of gaining higher levels and only the tier 4 fairies are able to gain level 4 or higher skills.

The skills you can get are as follows:

  • Tingling Breath: Underwater Breathing Duration Increased.
  • Feathery Steps: Weight Penalty Reduction.
  • Fairy’s Tear: Instant Ressurection without Death Penalty.
  • Inexhaustible Well: Auto-consumption of Purifed Water or Star Anise Tea.
  • Miraculous Cheer: Auto-consumption of potions.
  • Morning Star: Fairy will light up surroundings.

To increase your Fairy’s level, you will need to feed it equipment (unenhanced), Sweet Honey Wine (Crafted or Purchased on the MP) or Ornette’s Honey Wine (Puchased in the Pearl Shop). To do this, click the growth tab in your fairy’s information and then click an item in your inventory that you want to feed to the fairy.

Now, obviously the goal is to get a T4 fairy for the most skills possible, and getting a set of desired skills. For 99.9% of people, the skills you’ll want are Miraculous Cheer (max rank), Feathery Steps (4 or 5), Fairy’s Tear (3 or 4), and a 4th skill of choice. But, what happens if you dont get these skills, especially Miraculous Cheer since being able to automatically potion ties directly into combat prowess? This is where the money kicks in.

If you level up your fairy and dont get the skills you want, you’ll need to de-level it and try again.

Resetting your Fairy

To reset your fairy, you’re going to need to click Rebirth, and then Reset Growth. You’ll then need an item called Fairy Queen’s Might out of the pearl shop for 1000 pearls to reset your fairy to level 1. Then, you’ll want to level up your fairy to level 10, and then stop when you get your first skill. The goal here is to get Miraculous Cheer 5 for as cheaply as possible since it’s by far the most important skill. Now, why do we reset the fairy to get it to level 10 in the first place? If you want to reroll a fairy’s skill, it costs Theiah Orbs, which again, can only be purchased on the pearl shop, and it costs 1 orb per skill your fairy knows to re-roll them. So if your fairy only knows 1 skill it costs 1 orb, and 4 skills will have it cost 4 orbs per re-roll. So, to save the most money and get the most attempts, it’s best to try to get Cheer 5 when your fairy is at level 10 and only has 1 additional skill. Once cheer 5 is obtained, level your fairy up to 20, and then roll with 2 orbs trying to get a high rank of feathery steps, which is the 2nd most important skill since it you can carry much more weight on your character. If you want, you can also reroll 3 orbs at level 30 to try to get a rank of Fairy’s Tear, but i wouldnt consider this nearly as high of a priority as the other skills and it’s just a nice thing to have. Then take your fairy to level 40 and see what the final skill you get is!