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[ARCHIVED] The Shade – Stamina Nightblade PvP Build

[ARCHIVED] The Shade – Stamina Nightblade PvP Build

[ARCHIVED]: This build has been archived, which means it is no longer being updated. However, this web-page will be left up for those who still would like to refer to it.

Build Written By: Dottz Gaming – PC NA

Role: Damage Dealer

Patch: Scalebreaker

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Mortal
    5. Champion Points
    6. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives)
  3. Tips & Misc
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to DottzGaming.com’s Stamina Nightblade DPS PvP Build, the Shade, for the Elder Scrolls Online! This build is intended for PvP of all kinds: battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, dueling, and Imperial City. This build can be played in both CP and no-CP pvp, but a ring enchant should be changed to reduce feat cost when playing in no-cp.

This build is a heavy armor stamblade build that prefers to brawl it out instead of hiding in the shadows. While I do enjoy the traditional stamina nightblade play style, I much prefer a build that plays up in the fray and can duke it out with opponents. The best part about this build though is that while we sport the tankability and healing that heavy armor offers, due to our choice in gear sets and the fact that we are a stamblade, we also have insanely high weapon damage and mobility on top of that. This build is personally some of the most fun I’ve had on my stamblade, and is one of my favorite builds that I’ve put together.

Keep in mind that PvP builds are very personal. This is what worked for ME. If you don’t like something about it, change it to fit your playstyle.



Stamina Nightblade PvP Build
Gear Slot Set Weight Trait Enchant Acquisition
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Shoulders An error occurred retrieving the set data Medium Impenetrable Stamina Undaunted Chest
Gloves An error occurred retrieving the set data Heavy Well-Fitted Stamina Cyrodiil or Guild Trader
Legs An error occurred retrieving the set data Heavy Well-Fitted Stamina Cyrodiil or Guild Trader
Chest An error occurred retrieving the set data Heavy Well-Fitted Prismatic Cyrodiil or Guild Trader
Belt An error occurred retrieving the set data Light Well-Fitted Stamina Battlegrounds or Guild Trader
Boots An error occurred retrieving the set data Heavy Well-Fitted Stamina Battlegrounds or Guild Trader
Necklace An error occurred retrieving the set data Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage Battlegrounds or Guild Trader
Ring An error occurred retrieving the set data Jewelry Robust Weapon Damage Battlegrounds or Guild Trader
Ring An error occurred retrieving the set data Jewelry Robust Stamina Recovery Battlegrounds or Guild Trader
Weapon 1 An error occurred retrieving the set data 1h Axe Nirnhoned Poisons Cyrodiil or Guild Trader
Offhand 1 An error occurred retrieving the set data 1h Mace Sharpened Poisons Cyrodiil or Guild Trader
Weapon 2 An error occurred retrieving the set data 2h Axe Powered Absorb Stamina Cyrodiil or Guild Trader

Gear Explanation

  • Dual Wield and 2h: This weapon setup is currently a favorite among stamina users, and for good reason. You can sport a LOT of consistent damage on top of fantastic burst. I personally have started enjoying this more than the 2h/Bow style.
  • Impregnable: Even after the nerf Impreg received a few patches ago, Impreg is still an amazing defensive set. Impreg lost 500 crit resist off of its 5 piece bonus in Murkmire, but at the same time, critical chance across the board went down due to changes that patch. So when push comes to shove, the nerf was not that bad. This is one of my favorite stamina nightblade defensive set options due to the fact that it provides an amazing stat spread, and really helps protect you against burst.
  • Blood Spawn: This set fits perfectly on this build. It grants a ton of resistance, which on top of your major ward and resolve will make you really tanky, gives a line of stamina recovery which this build can really use, and it grants ultimate. That ultimate generation is extremely important because of the fact that we do not run an execute on this build, so being able to pop off as many incaps as physically possible is key to success.
  • Warrior’s Fury: The main damage set of the build, this set got a change in the Scalebreaker update that not only made it more consistent, but viable in no-CP. This set gives a solid amount of weapon damage, and we can proc it with relative ease since this is a brawling focused build.


All points into Stamina.


Main Bar – Dual Wield: Ambush, Surprise Attack, Relentless Focus, Rending Slashes, Mass Hysteria, Incapacitating Strike

Back Bar – Two Hander: Dark Cloak, Shadow Image, Forward Momentum, Siphoning Attacks, Resolving Vigor, Soul Siphon
Ability Explanation

  1. Ambush: Our gap closer. Grants a snare, empower, and gets us to our opponent. I previously went without a gap closer and used speed pots, but after their nerf, a gap closer is now required. This now also gives us minor vulnerability on our targets, which is a nice increase to our damage.
  2. Surprise Attack: Bread and Butter spammable – stuns from stealth, deals great damage, and adds a bit of penetration if attacking from behind. You’ll want to run this on every stamina nightblade build.
  3. Relentless Focus: This ability is our big burst – giving us the Assassin’s Scourge proc after 5 light attacks, mitigation as the light attacks stack and we are healed when we use this in close range. The good thing about Relentless Focus on a stamina nightblade vs. Merciless Resolve on a magicka nightblade, is that we are not as dependent on the proc as our magicka counter parts.
  4. Rending Slashes: Rending slashes is one of the main reasons people run dual wield. This skill offers a really strong DoT on your opponents, and adds a powerful snare to help keep them close. Amazing for consistent pressure and the reason we use dual wield on the build.
  5. Mass Hysteria: AoE CC and puts minor maim on our opponents. This is our primary CC now that Incap no longer stuns.
  6. Incapacitating Strike: Cheap, deals tons of damage, Silences (once you have enough ult), and increases our damage against the target. Use this after a fear, and then follow this with an Assassin’s Scourge, you’ll be hitting your opponents for a metric ton of damage.
  7. Dark Cloak: We are not running stealth in this build, and are choosing to run Dark Cloak instead. On a heavy blade, Dark Cloak is really powerful and allows us to brawl really well. It gives us a big HoT and offers minor protection. Combine this with Forward Momentum, Vigor and the heals from Siphoning Attacks, we have a TON of healing.
  8. Shadow Image: This is a great tool in the stamina nightblade’s arsenal. It provides a DoT, puts minor maim on our opponents and allows us to teleport to the shade when the skill is reactivated. This allows us to escape tricky situations that other classes would not be able to, as well as make some really fancy plays. The more I’ve used this skill, the more it feels staple. Also, this skill now scales with your highest stats, so it now offers a decent DoT on top of all the utility that it brings.
  9. Forward Momentum: This is our source of major brutality and snare/root removal/immunity. This is a staple skill on any heavy armor stamina build.
  10. Siphoning Attacks: This skill is going to come as a surprise to many and may seem like a weird choice, but it literally takes care of all of our magicka sustain. This build runs a fair bit of magicka costing skills, and already has enough stamina sustain, so this was the perfect choice for magicka sustain (which means we dont have to glyph for it). This skill also gives us a siphoning skill on our back bar to grant us those passives, and makes it so that you always can use fear, shade and dark cloak when you need it.
  11. Resolving Vigor: Another heal that combines well with the rest of our arsenal. Gives us and our allies an on-demand heal and a HoT afterwards.
  12. Soul Siphon: Our big defensive burst heal should we need it. This skill can be used in a pinch to save you and/or teammates from certain death, and because it’s a siphoning skill, it further amplifies our healing on our back bar.

Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Mortal

For this build I recommend playing as a mortal. Werewolf and Vampire dont really offer this build enough to warrant using them in my opinion. If you do really want to use one though, you could run Werewolf and use that ult on the back bar for the extra sustain and to gain access to werewolf form.

Champion Points


  • Shattering Blows – 28
  • Physical Weapons Expert – 11
  • Master-at-Arms – 81
  • Mighty – 56
  • Piercing – 46
  • Precise Strikes – 48


  • Warlord – 66
  • Sprinter – 27
  • Siphoner – 15
  • Arcanist – 23
  • Mooncalf – 75
  • Tumbling – 64


  • Ironclad – 61
  • Resistant – 44
  • Thick Skinned – 56
  • Hardy – 43
  • Elemental Defender – 43
  • Quick Recovery – 23

Other Important Info

Buff Food

Dubious Camoran Throne: Maximum Health, Stamina Recovery and Stamina


Warrior – Increased Weapon Damage


Bosmer: In my opinion, Bosmer is one of the best races for stamina nightblade PvP in Wrathstone. With how much extra recovery they offer, plus the speed boost and penetration on the new roll dodge passive, they compliment the nightblade play style very well!


  • Potion: Immovability (Unstoppable, Speed, Restore Stamina)
  • Poison: Double DoT Poisons (Fleshfly larvae, Nightshade and Emetic Russula)


Class (all), Heavy Armor (all), Medium Armor (all except the ones that require you to wear 5 pieces), Light Armor (all except those that don’t require 5 pieces worn), Two-Handed (all), Dual Wield (all), Undaunted (all), Racial (all), Alchemy (Medicinal Use), Assault (all), Support (all except the first)

Tips & Misc.

  • This build is very tanky, but you aren’t invincible. Make sure your shade is always in a key location so that if you start to get overrun or need to pull back, you can teleport to your shade and heal back up (which this build can do very quickly).
  • Maintaining Relentless Focus will help make sure you’re always benefiting from the sustain and extra damage it offers. While firing off Assassin’s Scourge isn’t a necessity, definitely weave it into your rotation for extra burst.
  • This build has a really strong burst combo that is extremely hard to live through. Assuming you have Assassin’s Scourge ready to fire, you’re going to want to Surprise Attack (major fracture application), Incap (stun, damage, defile, and damage amplification), and then fire off your Assassin’s Scourge. This will take down most opponents. If you dont have Incap stun or need to drop someone’s block, weave in a fear prior to the Incap.
  • Be sure to maintain Siphoning Attacks at all times. By doing that, you’ll be making sure you’re never without magicka. If you’re running low and need magicka in a pinch, re-activating this skill will give you some instantaneous restoration.
  • Forward Momentum is your source of major brutality, so that should be maintained at all times. Also, use it when you’re snared or rooted so you can escape.
  • Use your speed potions when you feel like you need speed now. The major expedition no longer has 100% uptime, so we need to be a bit more choosy about when we use our potions. Remember to use them often though, since nightblade’s greatly benefit (ult gained) from drinking potions.
  • Using Incapacitating Strike at clutch moments is going to be key to killing tankier targets due to it reducing the healing on your opponent.


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @Dottz about the build!

Update Log

10/24/2018 – Build created.
2/27/2019 – Race changed to Bosmer, off hand trait changed to sharp, front bar enchants changed to double DoT poisons
5/22/2019 – Changed front bar enchants back to double DoT poisons, CP Changed to account for loss of penetration on Surprise Attack
8/14/2019 – Ravager changed to Fury