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ESO Plus™ Guide

ESO Plus™ Guide

While the Elder Scrolls Online is a buy to play game, they do offer a premium subscription known as ESO Plus™ if you want to get some features. Many new players wonder when they start what ESO Plus offers, if this is necessary, if it’s “pay to win” and if it’s even worth it. This guide will answer all of those questions and detail what ESO Plus has to offer!

To start, if you want to sign up for ESO Plus yourself, you can sign-up on the Elder Scrolls Online’s website in the account settings.

With ESO Plus, you get several in-game benefits and perks that include:

  • Full access to ALL past/future DLC game packs. This means you only need to purchase new chapters, NOT new DLCs.
    • Do note upon unsubscribing from ESO plus, you no longer have access to these DLC areas/dungeons, but any acquired items are not lost.
  • Unlimited storage for crafting materials.
    • Do note upon unsubscribing from ESO plus, you can only withdraw from the crafting storage and no longer deposit.
  • Crowns per month that correspond to the price of your subscription.
  • Double bank space.
    • Do note upon unsubscribing from ESO plus, you do lose half of your bank space. So assuming you’re over what was half of your space, you’ll only be able to withdraw items, not deposit them, until your bank space is back below your allowable limit.
  • 10% increase to Gold acquisition, Experience Gain, Crafting Inspiration rates and Trait research rates.
  • Double Furnishings and Collectibles space in player housing.
  • Costume dyeing.
  • Doubled cap on transmutation stones.
  • Exclusive crown store deals.

ESO Plus has multiple recurring periods you can purchase, and you get a corresponding amount of crowns to that subscription. They are as follows:

ESO Plus Subscription Price, Period and Crowns
Sign-up Period Price Crowns rewarded
1 month $14.99/month 1650
3 month $13.99/month 4950
6 month $12.99/month 9900
12 month $11.99/month 19800

The Elder Scrolls Online does run free ESO Plus trials every now and then! To temporarily try ESO plus, you need to:

  1. Log into ESO.
  2. Open up the Crown Store interface.
  3. Select the ESO Plus tab.
  4. Click “Free Trial”

There is a common myth that the membership is pay-to-win, and it is just that, a myth. Zenimax Online Studios has done a great job making the membership worth the money utilizing all out-of-combat bonuses. Nothing you obtain from ESO Plus, or the crown store, will give you an in-combat advantage over someone who’s never been an ESO Plus member of ever purchased crowns.

ESO Plus is definitely worth it (although not necessary) if you can afford it; they do really give you a TON of value for what you pay every month. The main thing you miss out on if you do not subscribe to ESO plus is the vastly superior inventory management you’re afforded. If you’re not able to afford an ESO plus (or simply dont want to pay for one) and you want to learn how to manage your inventory without all of these perks, click here.