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Strain – Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build

Strain – Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build

Build Written By: GandTheImpaler – PC NA 

Role: Damage Dealer  

Patch: Dragonhold

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Mortal
    5. Champion Points
    6. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives)
  3. Tips & Misc
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to DottzGaming.com’s Stamina Sorcerer PVP Build, Strain, for the Elder Scrolls Online! This build is mostly meant for open world, small group play, as well as battlegrounds. This build highlights sustained pressure and an aggressive “in your face” playstyle that is best suited to be played with an ally. Be prepared to strain both your enemy and yourself with this unique playstyle.



Stamina Sorcerer PvP Build
Gear SlotSetWeightTraitEnchantAcquisition
HeadThe Troll KingHeavyImpenetrable PrismaticVet Blessed Crucible
ShouldersThe Troll KingHeavyImpenetrableStaminaUndaunted Chest
GlovesClever AlchemistMediumImpenetrable StaminaCrafted
LegsArmor of TruthHeavyImpenetrablePrismaticDarkshade Caverns
ChestArmor of TruthHeavyImpenetrable PrismaticDarkshade Caverns
BeltClever AlchemistMediumWell-FittedStaminaCrafted
BootsClever AlchemistHeavyWell-Fitted StaminaCrafted
NecklaceArmor of TruthJewelryProtectiveWeapon Damage Darkshade Caverns
RingArmor of TruthJewelryProtectiveReduce Feat Cost  Darkshade Caverns
RingArmor of TruthJewelryProtectiveReduce Feat Cost Darkshade Caverns
Weapon 1Disciplined Slash2h MaulNirnhonedDiseaseAsylum Sanctorium
Weapon 2Clever AlchemistBowInfusedWeapon/Spell DamageCrafted


All points into Stamina.


Bound Armaments Dizzying Swing Reverse Slice Streak Rally Onslaught
Poison Injection Razor Caltrops Hurricane Dark Deal Resolving Vigor Temporal Guard

Main Bar – Two Handed: Bound Armaments, Dizzy Swing, Reverse Slice, Streak, Rally, Onslaught

Back Bar – Bow:  Poison Injection, Razor Caltrops, Hurricane, Dark Deal, Resolving Vigor, Temporal Guard

Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Mortal

For this build I play as a mortal.  The benefits or playing as a vampire as a werewolf do not out-weigh the drawbacks for this build.

Champion Points



  • Blessed – 19
  • Physical Weapons Expert – 50
  • Master-at-Arms – 72
  • Thaumaturge – 34
  • Precise Strikes – 13
  • Piercing – 26
  • Mighty – 56


  • Warlord – 56
  • Sprinter – 37
  • Mooncalf – 64
  • Tenacity – 56
  • Tumbling – 37
  • Shadow Ward – 20


  • Ironclad – 61
  • Resistant – 30
  • Thick Skinned – 61
  • Hardy – 43
  • Elemental Defender – 43
  • Quick Recovery – 19
  • Expert Defender – 13

Other Important Info

Buff Food

Artaeum Takeaway Broth:  Increase Max Health, Health Recovery, Max Stamina & Stamina Recovery (Artaeum for the stats and recovery it gives. By far the best for this setup).


Steed – Increased Health Recovery and Speed




Immovable + Health + Stam (Mountain Flower, Columbine, Namira’s Rot)


Class (all), Heavy Armor (all), Medium Armor (all except the ones that require you to wear 5 pieces), Bow (all), Two Handed (all), Psijic Order (Clairvoyance and Concentrated Barrier), Undaunted (all), Racial (all), Alchemy (Medicinal Use), Assault (all), Support (all except the first)

Tips & Misc.

This build provides a healthy mix of damage, healing and tankiness along with mobility to provide you with a well rounded kit for a wide variety of fights. While this iteration has lower AoE damage than previous ones. You will find the single target damage much better for pinning down priority targets and pressuring them down. The tactician CP passive and the new Dizzy Swing allow you high uptime on Truth, and, paired with Alchemist, you can reach very high pressure on a strong selection of enemies (remember the caltrops’ armor reduction). Sustain with this build should not be an issue due to cost reduction, heavy attacks and dark deal. You have a healthy pool of resources at your disposal as long as you’re not too trigger happy (looking at those dodge rollers). Alternatively this build can be used in medium for more damage and mobility if a more defensive option is not for you.


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @GandTheImpaler about the build!

Update Log

2/25/2018 – Build created.
6/8/2018 – Build overhauled for Summerset Isles
9/24/2018 – Gear overhauled for Wolfhunter and CP updated
11/24/2018 – Gear, skills and cp updated for Murkmire
3/24/2019 – Build overhauled for Wrathstone
5/23/2019 – No changes from wrathstone to elsweyr
8/15/2019 – Build overhauled for scalebreaker
11/5/2019 – gear, skills and cp changed for dragonhold

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