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Stamina Templar PvP Build ESO – Light’s Rage

Stamina Templar PvP Build ESO – Light’s Rage

Build Written By: Dottz Gaming – PC NA

Role: Damage Dealer

Patch: Update 40

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Vampire vs. Mortal
    5. Champion Points
    6. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives)
  3. Tips & Misc
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to DottzGaming.com’s Stamina Templar Build PvP, Light’s Rage, for the Elder Scrolls Online! This build is intended for PvP of all kinds: battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, dueling, and Imperial City. This build can be played in both CP and no-CP pvp without making any alterations to the build!

This Stamina Templar build is by far my favorite build for the class! It feels like it strikes that perfect sweet-spot between damage and tankiness, while being one of the most mobile builds I’ve ever played! The mobility is definitely necessary too, since this class plays are more hit-and-run playstyle and doesnt just brawl it out like you can on a magicka templar. If you like a fast paced and high damage build, then this is the one for you!

Keep in mind that PvP builds are very personal. This is what worked for ME. If you don’t like something about it, change it to fit your playstyle.



Stamina Templar PvP Build
Gear Slot Set Weight Trait Enchant Acquisition
Head Balorgh Medium Well-Fitted Prismatic Vet March of Sacrifices
Shoulders Balorgh Medium Well-Fitted Prismatic Undaunted Chest
Gloves Clever Alchemist Medium Well-Fitted Prismatic Crafted
Legs Clever Alchemist Medium Impenetrable Prismatic Crafted
Chest Clever Alchemist Heavy Reinforced Prismatic Crafted
Belt Essence Thief Medium Impenetrable Prismatic White Gold Tower
Boots Essence Thief Medium Impenetrable Prismatic White Gold Tower
Necklace Armor of the Trainee Jewelry Swift Prismatic Recovery Any Starter Zone or Guild Trader
Ring Essence Thief Jewelry Swift Weapon Damage White Gold Tower
Ring Markyn Ring of Majesty Jewelry Infused Weapon Damage Antiquities
Weapon 1 Essence Thief 2h Sword Sharpened Berserker White Gold Tower
Weapon 2 Clever Alchemist 1h Weapon Defending Poisons Crafted
Offhand 2 Clever Alchemist Shield Reinforced Stamina Crafted

Gear Choices

Clever Alchemist: This set is an extremely strong damage set, giving us an insane boost to our weapon damage for 20 seconds after we drink a potion! On top of that, the lines of health on the set help us get an extremely respectable health pool, which is very welcome in such a high damage meta!

Essence Thief: This set has quickly become a favorite of mine for my stamina characters. This set gives us a proc that drops a pool near your enemy, and when you pick it up, you get a heal, a ton of stamina back and a big damage boost. The set is jam packed with effective stats and is a strong front bar damage set for stamina this patch!

Markyn Ring of Majesty: This mythic gives a really nice balanced profile between offense and defense, boosting our damage and our resistance!

Balorgh: This set has always been good, but has gotten even better this patch with everyone getting tankier. This gives us a big boost to our damage and penetration when we use out ultimate, allowing us to get through our opponent’s defenses more easily and help build up big Purifying Lights!

Trainee: With the setup we have, we end up having 1 spare jewelry slot, which Trainee fits in perfectly to give us a big boost to our HP!


All points into Stamina.


ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon
ESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill iconESO-Hub Skill icon

Main Bar – Two Handed: Biting Jab, Power of the Light, Binding Javelin, Camouflaged Hunter, Rally, Crescent Sweep

Back Bar – Sword and Shield: Living Dark, Extended Ritual, Resolving Vigor, Restoring Focus, Elude, Spell Wall

NOTE: If you want a form of snare/root immunity, simply swap Elude to Shuffle.

Vampire vs. Mortal

For this build I am playing as a stage 3 vampire. In my opinion, the Undeath passive feels really necessary to maintain a certain level of tankiness even on more mobile builds with how high damage has been the last few patches.

Champion Points

The list below showcases the order in which champion points should be acquired, the number of points you need to place into that perk and whether or not it needs to be slotted in the CP bar. The Warfare CP perks increase your damage and mitigation and are the most important, the Fitness tree has some miscellaneous sustain and defensive perks and the Craft tree has crafting and non-combat bonuses. The Craft CP points are entirely customizable to however you want, or you can follow the list below.


  • Tireless Discipline – 20
  • Piercing – 20
  • Biting Aura – 50 (Slotted)
  • Master-at-Arms – 50 (Slotted)
  • Quick Recovery – 20
  • Elemental Aegis – 20
  • Hardy – 20
  • Ironclad – 50 (Slotted)
  • Resilience – 50 (Slotted)
  • Precision – 20
  • Blessed – 20
  • Battle Mastery – 40
  • Mighty – 30
  • Eldritch Insight – 20
  • Preparation – 20


  • Boundless Vitality – 50 (Slotted)
  • Tumbling – 30
  • Mystic Tenacity – 10
  • Hero’s Vigor – 20
  • Sustained by Suffering – 50 (Slotted)
  • Relentlessness – 50 (Slotted)
  • Defiance – 20
  • Hasty – 16
  • Celerity – 50 (Slotted)
  • Sprinter – 20
  • Tireless Guardian – 20
  • Fortification – 30
  • Nimble Protector – 6
  • Savage Defense – 30
  • Bashing Brutality – 20
  • Piercing Gaze – 30


  • Steed’s Blessing – 50 (Slotted)
  • Breakfall – 50
  • Wanderer – 15
  • Steadfast Enchantment – 50
  • Rationer – 30 (Slotted)
  • Liquid Efficiency – 75 (Slotted)
  • Treasure Hunter – 50 (Slotted)
  • Fortune’s Favor – 50
  • Gilded Fingers – 50
  • Soul Reservoir – 33

Other Important Info

Buff Food

Jewels of Misrule: Maximum Health, Magicka Recovery and Stamina Recovery


Serpent – Increased Stamina Recovery


Imperial – Imperial gives us an extremely nice stat spread with a massive boost to both health and stamina, helping us to achieve very nice sheet stats. On top of that, the 6% cost reduction helps greatly counteract the negative effects of playing as a stage 3 vampire. In addition, the cost reduction also applies to our core combat skills (break free, dodge roll, block, sprint, bash, and sneak), giving us a ton of effective sustain!


  • Essence of Immovability (Unstoppable, Restore Health and Stamina)
    • Columbine, Namira’s Rot, Mountain Flower
  • Escapist’s Poison IX (Ravage Health and Gradual Ravage Health)
    • Columbine and Namira’s Rot


Class (all), Medium Armor (all), Heavy Armor (all), Sword and Shield (all), Two-Handed (all), Undaunted (all), Racial (all), Alchemy (Medicinal Use), Vampire (Dark Stalker, Strike from the Shadows, Undeath), Fighter’s Guild (all except Bounty Hunter and Skilled Tracker), Assault (all), Support (all except the first), Psijic Order (Clairvoyance and Concentrated Barrier)

Tips & Misc.

  • Maintain your Elude, Restoring Focus and Rally to maximize your offense and defense.
  • Use Extended Ritual liberally to make sure to maintain the HoT on yourself and remove negative effects from yourself!
  • When you need a ton of healing over time, combining Vigor with Living Dark will make you very difficult to kill!
  • Offensively, your goal is to apply Purifying Light, throw your Javelin, Jabs and Crescent Sweep. Keep spamming Jabs as the PoTL pops to keep pressuring your opponent. Rinse and repeat this until your opponent dies.


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @Dottz about the build!

Update Log

7/5/2021 – Build created.
8/25/2021 – CP updated
11/19/2021 – build updated after testing
1/7/2022 – overhauled and updated build for deadlands
3/16/2022- changed jewelry enchants and skills
6/8/2022 – no changes for high isle
8/23/2022 – changed monster helm, changed jewelry glyph
11/9/2022 – no changes for firesong
3/14/2023 – change purifying light to power of the light
6/7/2023 – no changes for necrom
8/24/2023- no changes for update 39
11/6/2023 – no changes for update 40