The Matriarch – Sorcerer Healer PvE Build

Build Written By: Wigglytooth – PC NA

Role: Healer

Patch: Dragon Bones

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Champion Points
    5. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives)
  3. Tips & Misc
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to’s Sorcerer Healer PvE Build, the Matriarch, for the Elder Scrolls Online! This build is intended for PvE of all kinds: normal trials, veteran dungeons and general PvE. It provides excellent healing and group buffing potential.  Your pet is pretty tanky with shields and should always be kept alive for optimum healing potential.



Sorcerer Healer PvE Build – Final
Gear Slot Set Weight Trait Enchant Acquisition
Head Spell Power Cure Light Divines Prismatic White Gold Tower
Shoulders Spell Power Cure Light Divines Magicka White Gold Tower
Gloves Necropotence Light Divines Magicka Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Legs Spell Power Cure Light Divines Prismatic White Gold Tower
Chest Spell Power Cure Light Infused Prismatic White Gold Tower
Belt Spell Power Cure Light Divines Magicka White Gold Tower
Boots Necropotence Light Divines Magicka Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Necklace Necropotence Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Ring Necropotence Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Ring Necropotence Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Rivenspire or Guild Trader
Weapon 1 Timeless Blessing Restoration Powered Absorb Magicka Asylum Sanctorium
Weapon 2 Maelstrom Lightning Charged Absorb Magicka Maelstrom Arena

NOTE:  Grab any magicka gear to start.  Focus on building your resto staff skills until you can get your Twilight Matriarch.  Start getting your Undaunted skills up early by healing all different dungeons and doing the quests.  They are great experience.  Try to run around Rivenspire collecting Necropotence gear and use any light Magicka gear you come across. At level 45 and beyond, start running normal White Gold tower for Spell Power Cure.


Put points into health until you are around the 20K threshold, then the rest into magicka.



Click here to view in calculator.

Front bar – Restoration Staff:

  1. Healing Springs – This is your main spammable heal.  Make sure to hit as many people as you can so it will lower the mana cost of the spell.
  2. Combat Prayer – This is an excellent buff to players. Hit it once every 8 seconds on your group to have them ripping through stuff with a little bit of protection to boot.
  3. Energy Orbs – Hit this to regenerate group resources. It’s expensive and the synergy can only be used about every 10 seconds by any one player.
  4. Twilight Matriarch – This is the most important skill for sorc healers.  Be aware of your pet at all times.  If your pet dies you will be at a disadvantage.  Using it’s skill will deliver a massive heal to itself and 2 other group members.  It also provides the extra magicka from Necropotence.
  5. Bound Aegis – The extra resists and 5% Magicka is nice.
  6. ULT – Light’s Champion – The sorcerer’s 15% lowered Ultimate cost from the Powered Stone passive will make this skill almost always available.  Use this then the Matriarch skill when things go badly.

Back bar – Lightning Staff:

  1. Empowered Ward – A shield for you, your pet and a nice 10% Magicka regen buff for the group.  Try to keep this up.
  2. Elemental Blockade – Use this when everyone is at full health and you need to get some damage done. Good for the Off Balance proc giving group members more damage.
  3. Elemental Drain – Makes the enemy defenses weaker and gives a nice Magicka regen for the group.
  4. Twilight Matriarch – You need to double bar this skill or the pet would despawn on weapon switch.  It’s so good you want to do it anyway.
  5. Bound Aegis – Keeping the extra resists and 5% Magicka
  6. Ultimate – Aggressive Horn – Buffing your group, use on boss fights.

Champion Points



  • Elfborn – 75
  • Blessed – 75
  • Staff Expert – 50
  • Spell Erosion – 40


  • Warlord – 42
  • Arcanist – 75
  • Tenacity – 75
  • Mooncalf – 48


  • Spell Shield –  61
  • Hardy – 49
  • Elemental Defender – 49
  • Bastion – 81

Other Important Info

Buff Food

Witchmother’s Potent Brew – Max Health, Max Magicka and Magicka Recovery


Atronach – Magicka Recovery




Any Magicka restoration potions or spell power potions.


Daedric Summoning (all), Unholy Knowledge, Capacitor, Expert Mage, Restoration Staff (all), Destruction Staff (all), Undaunted (all), Light Armor (all), Racial (all), Medicinal Use (alchemy), Vampire (all, optional)

Tips & Misc.

  1. Be aware of your pet at all times.  Keep him shielded with Empowered Ward and healed by using its healing skill.
  2. Keep your group buffed with Combat Prayer every 8 seconds.
  3. Use Healing Springs liberally.
  4. Watch group resources to know when to throw out orbs.


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @Wigglytooth about the build!

Update Log

1/15/2018 – Build created
2/22/2018 – CP updated

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