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[ARCHIVED] Siphoner – Nightblade Healer PvE Build

[ARCHIVED] Siphoner – Nightblade Healer PvE Build

[ARCHIVED]: This build has been archived, which means it is no longer being updated. However, this web-page will be left up for those who still would like to refer to it.

Build Written By: Dottz Gaming – PC NA

Role: Healer

Patch: Dragonhold

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skills
    4. Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Mortal
    5. Champion Points
    6. Other Important Info (Food, Mundus, Race, Potions, Passives)
  3. Tips & Misc
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to DottzGaming.com’s Magicka Nightblade Healer PvE Build, the Siphoner, for the Elder Scrolls Online! This build is intended for veteran dungeons and general PvE, but can also be taken into normal trials.  Nightblade healers have a very fun and unique play-style when it comes to healing being that one of your main heals, Funnel Health, is a damage dealing ability that will heal based on damage dealt.  Nightblade’s play a very active healing role and are up close and personal with the action while healing team mates.  While an unconventional role for the class and not as efficient as the Templar, it can absolutely be done with great success.



Nightblade Healer PvE Build – Final
Gear Slot Set Weight Trait Enchant Acquisition
Head Earthgore Heavy Infused Prismatic Vet Bloodroot Forge
Shoulders Earthgore Medium Divines Magicka Undaunted Chest
Gloves Vestment of Olorime Light Divines Magicka Cloudrest
Legs Vestment of Olorime Light Infused Prismatic Cloudrest
Chest Vestment of Olorime Light Infused Prismatic Cloudrest
Belt Jorvuld's Guidance Light Divines Magicka Scalecaller Peak
Boots Jorvuld's Guidance Light Divines Magicka Scalecaller Peak
Necklace Jorvuld's Guidance Jewelry Arcane Spell Damage Scalecaller Peak
Ring Jorvuld's Guidance Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Scalecaller Peak
Ring Jorvuld's Guidance Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Scalecaller Peak
Weapon 1 Timeless Blessing (Perfected) Restoration Powered Spell Damage Asylum Sanctorium
Weapon 2 Vestment of Olorime Shock Charged Absorb Magicka Cloudrest
Nightblade Healer PvE Build – Beginner
Gear Slot Set Weight Trait Enchant Acquisition
Head Nightflame Light Infused Magicka (or Prismatic) Vet Elden Hollow 2
Shoulders Nightflame Light Divines Magicka Undaunted Chest
Gloves Kagrenac's Hope Light Divines Magicka Crafted
Legs Kagrenac's Hope Medium Infused Magicka (or Prismatic) Crafted
Chest Kagrenac's Hope Heavy Infused Magicka (or Prismatic) Crafted
Belt Kagrenac's Hope Light Divines Magicka Crafted
Boots Kagrenac's Hope Light Divines Magicka Crafted
Necklace Willpower Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Imperial City or Guild Trader
Ring Willpower Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Imperial City or Guild Trader
Ring Willpower Jewelry Arcane Magicka Recovery Imperial City or Guild Trader
Weapon 1 Torug's Pact Restoration Powered Weapon and Spell Damage Crafted
Weapon 2 Torug's Pact Lightning Charged Absorb Magicka Crafted

Gear Notes

Vestment of Olorime: Olorime has quickly become a favorite among healers and for good reason. The set is like Spell Power Cure but much easier to proc, which gives it the spot as the main set within healer builds.  If you don’t have Summerset Isles though, Spell Power Cure will still be your best option.

Jorvuld’s Guidance: Amazing set for healers and great regardless of group composition; the extra buff durations benefit everyone as opposed to other sets that just benefit one type of DPS (mag or stam). An alternative to this set is Sanctuary if you want more raw healing output, The Worm's Raiment for better group sustain in magicka-heavy groups, or Infallible Mage for good minor vulnerability uptime.

Earthgore: Now that we can run a monster set on healers, Earthgore is perfect for that spot.  Adds a lot of healing when healing severely injured party members, making it much easier for you to heal back up a group of players who are low on HP. If you dont have access to Earthgore, Nightflame is a viable replacement.


All points into Magicka.


Healing Springs Combat Prayer Funnel Health Radiating Regeneration Healthy Offering Aggressive Horn
Siphoning Attacks Elemental Blockade Refreshing Path Elemental Drain Energy Orb Soul Siphon

Main Bar – Restoration Staff: Healing Springs, Combat Prayer, Funnel Health, Radiating Regeneration, Healthy Offering, Aggressive Warhorn

Back Bar – Lightning Staff: Siphoning Attacks, Elemental Blockade, Refreshing Path, Elemental Drain, Energy Orb, Soul Siphon

NOTE: If you’re on a fight that requires a shield, swap in Harness Magicka. For fights requiring instantaneous purges, you can swap in Efficient Purge into your loadout. For Veteran Trials, fitting Overflowing Altar into your loadout will also be very important since it offers a LOT of healing inside of a trials environment, and the synergy can be the difference between a group-mate living or dying.

Vampire vs. Werewolf vs. Mortal

You are playing a vampire for this build.  I feel that when playing a Nightblade healer in PvE, at least from my experiences in veteran dungeons, the benefits from having vampirism outweigh the negatives.  It isn’t mandatory, but I use it.

Champion Points



  • Elfborn – 81
  • Spell Erosion – 2
  • Elemental Expert – 56
  • Blessed – 100
  • Master at Arms – 31


  • Warlord – 56
  • Arcanist – 75
  • Tenacity – 75
  • Tumbling – 37
  • Shadow Ward – 28


  • Ironclad –  56
  • Hardy – 43
  • Elemental Defender – 43
  • Thick Skinned – 56
  • Spell Shield – 41
  • Bastion – 31



  • Blessed – 56
  • Elfborn – 40
  • Elemental Expert – 4


  • Arcanist –  49
  • Tenacity – 49
  • Warlord – 2


  • Ironclad –  23
  • Hardy – 23
  • Elemental Defender – 23
  • Thick Skinned – 23
  • Spell Shield – 8

Other Important Info

Buff Food

Witchmother’s Potent Brew (Max Health, Max Magicka, Magicka Recovery)


Atronach – Magicka Recovery




Spell-Crit Potions (Spell-crit, Spell Damage, Restore Magicka)
Ingredients: Cornflower, Ladys Smock, Water Hyacinth

If in a group where Major Sorcery is provided, feel free to use regular magicka restoration potions.


Assassination (all), Shadow (all), Siphoning (all), Light Armor (all), Heavy Armor (all non-5 piece requiring passives), Medium Armor (all non-5 piece requiring passives), Destruction Staff (all), Fighters Guild (Banish the Wicked), Mages Guild (all except persuasive passive), Vampire (all except Blood Ritual and Savage Feeding), Undaunted (all), Racial (all), Alchemy (Medicinal Use)

NOTE: The medium armor non-5 piece passives aren’t required. They’re nice to have if using the beginning armor setup, but once you get to the final setup, you will not need them.

Tips & Misc.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can not heal as a nightblade.  Are you as efficient as a Templar? No, you’re not.  But I have healed plenty of dungeons – normal and veteran – on my nightblade as a healer and they all went over relatively well.  You could also probably get away playing a nightblade healer in trials without issues.  Once you get into the harder veteran trials though, you’re going to see why the Templar shines, as Nightblade’s just simply don’t have the same tools available as a Templar.


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @Dottz about the build!

Update Log

11/16/2017 – Build created.
1/25/2018 – CP Updated
2/12/2018 – CP Updated
5/23/2018 – Gear and CP updated for Summerset
8/13/2018 – CP updated for Wolfhunter
10/10/2018 – Replaced SPC with Olorime
10/22/2018 – CP Updated for murkmire
11/29/2018 – Olorime moved to back bar only, replaced front bar with Asylum resto.
2/28/2019 – Back bar enchant changed
4/18/2019 – Changed up skill loadout
5/22/2019 – No changes needed from Wrathstone to Elsweyr
8/14/2019 – Ward changed to regen
10/21/2019 – No changes for dragonhold

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