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How to Get Your Legion Class Mount in WoW Shadowlands

How to Get Your Legion Class Mount in WoW Shadowlands

One common thing I’ve been getting asked a lot on my stream is about how to get your legion class mount in world of warcraft! This suprisingly easy question doesn’t have that many straighforward solutions out there on the internet, so this guide just quickly details the quest lines you need to do and achievements you need to earn to get your class mount in wow!

It comes down to just doing 2 things: your Legion class order hall campaign, and then the Breaching the Tomb achievement for the Broken Shore (completing this achievement also requires completion of the Legionfall questline). You can find information on these things linked below! Once you do these 2 things, you’ll get a quest either at Deliverance Point on the Broken Shore or at your class hall to actually start the questline for your class mount! These will take awhile as some of the things during the order hall campaign and the Breaching the Tomb achievement are unfortunately time gated, so keep that in mind when you start on the journey to acquire your class mount!

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