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Veteran Fungal Grotto 2 (Hard Mode)

Veteran Fungal Grotto 2 (Hard Mode)


This ESO Veteran Dungeon guide is a full walk-through of Veteran Fungal Grotto 2 (Hard Mode)! If you only are concerned with a specific boss, you can click one of the time-stamps below to skip to that boss fight, or just sit through the full video to learn everything there is about the dungeon!


  1. Mephala’s Fang: 3:03
  2. Gamyne Bandu: 6:13
  3. Ciirenas the Shepherd: 12:38
  4. Spawn of Mephala: 15:40
  5. Reggr Dark-Dawn: 23:52
  6. Vila Theran: 26:24

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