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Join the multi-platform ESO “Dippin Dottz” Guild Today!

Join the multi-platform ESO “Dippin Dottz” Guild Today!

Associated with the DottzGaming.com website, YouTube channel and live stream is the Dippin Dottz Guild!

Dippin Dottz is on every NA platform except PS4 EU! While Dottz himself is only in and the guildmaster of the PC NA guild, select members from the community on the various platforms have stepped up to run extensions of the guild on their respective platforms! The guilds utilize discord to act as a central hub so that all members of all guilds are able to interact!

Dippin Dottz is primarily a social guild, with members having a wide variety of interests. No matter what you like doing in game, whether it be veteran dungeons, PvP, questing, gold making, etc, there will be people in Dippin Dottz who share your interests! Members are always grouping together to do various activities, offering each other advice, and just hanging out! It is truly a friendly and tight-knit community to be a part of! We have no experience requirements, level requirements, etc. We are simply a community of players of all skill levels just looking to have fun and enjoy and discuss the game that Zenimax has created.

Want to join our ranks? Send mail to the guild master of the guild on your platform for an invite (these are the User ID’s of the guildmasters of the respective guilds):

  • PC NA: Dottzgaming
  • PC EU: Menandros

If you’ve attempted to get in contact with one of the guildmasters listed above and aren’t receiving an invite after a couple of days, join our discord server and ask for an invite in your platform’s chat room (refer to the #readme in discord to learn how to assign yourself the proper role).

The ranking system for the guild is relatively simple in nature, favoring high participation as a means of promotion. The ranks are as follows for PCNA. Associated guilds may follow similar or the same ranking system but may have their own variations for their specific needs:

  • New member is someone who is brand new to the guild
  • Members have been around for 4 weeks
  • Veterans are people who participate and show up to events consistently
  • Donators are those who have donated at least 100k gold to the guild bank
  • Elders are veterans of the guild who have been around for awhile and go above and beyond what regular members do (has bank access)
  • Officers are guild moderators and second in command
  • Guild Master is the guild leader.

PCNA has also opened up a second guild for our more competitive players called MOAR DOTTZ, where we run our core vet trials group. Requirements to join this guild can be found in the #readme in discord.