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How to Make Gold As You Level in ESO

How to Make Gold As You Level in ESO

This beginner guide for the Elder Scrolls Online will help you learn ways to make extra cash as you level up through the game! These are not any “get rich fast” methods, but rather ways to supplement your income as you go throughout the game, because your main focus when leveling should be just that: leveling. Hope this helps!

Ways to make gold as you level are:

  1. Questing
    1. The rewards scale as you level up, not only the gold amount, but the gear rewards.
  2. Deconstructing Weapons and Armor
    1. You can sell these raw materials on a guild trader for some easy cash!
  3. Sell items with the ornate trait on it to vendors.
    1. These sell for 285% more to vendors, so make sure you sell those items to vendors and not deconstruct them!
  4. Random Daily Dungeon
    1. The reward from your first daily dungeon has a good chance to be a blue or purple quality item that is bind on equip. If you don’t need it, you can sell it on a guild trader for profit!
  5. Thieving
    1. You can sell the items you get through thievery at the outlaws refuge for gold.
  6. Writs
  7. Crafting lower level gear with traits that are desired for leveling.
    1. This will generally be divines, impenetrable (low level pvp) and training. But check your servers economy first to make sure that you’re crafting gear with the most highly desired trait!
  8. Pick up stuff as you adventure.
    1. Loot mobs and node spawns in the game world.