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Guilds, Guild Stores and Guild Traders ESO Guide

Guilds, Guild Stores and Guild Traders ESO Guide

This video is going to give you guys an introduction to player guilds in the Elder Scrolls Online, as well as explain what the guild store and guild trader is. Elder Scrolls Online handles the selling and buying of goods not through a central auction house system like other games, but instead uses this system of guild stores and traders.

Simply put:

  • Guilds are group of players that play together, and you can be in up to 5 of these at once. You can join at any level, and be on any faction.  Guilds normally categorize themselves as well to highlight what they are about, some common ones are:
    • PvE: Focus on dungeons, trials, and arena.
    • PvP: Focus on BGs and Cyrodiil.
    • Social: Focus on social interaction in-game and dabble in all aspects of the game.
    • Trials: Specifically focus on trial progressoin.
    • Trading: Focus on selling goods and maintaining a guild trader.
    • RP: Focus on role-playing
  • Guild Store
    • Where you can buy and sell goods. Your guilds’ stores can be accessed at the bank. Only your guild members can sell on your guild store (they can buy from it as well).
  • Guild Trader
    • An NPC that stands out in the world that makes your guild store public facing.  Non-guild members can buy from your store, but they can not sell on it.