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ESO Weekly Vendor Guide

ESO Weekly Vendor Guide


This Elder Scrolls Online guide is going to quickly detail what the weekly vendors are in ESO, where they spawn, and what they sell.  Many new players don’t know that these vendors even exist, and are missing out on some opportunity for some nice loot!

The Alliance Point Vendor (more commonly known to players as “The Golden Vendor”) is a vendor located in the base camps of each faction in Cyrodiil. This vendor spawns on Friday and de-spawns on Sunday nights.  She sells monster set shoulders in epic rarity, with the trait options being Impenetrable or Infused, and she sells Legendary overlands and dungeon jewelry, with the traits being either Arcane, Healthy or Robust.  The items that she sells varies from week to week.

The Luxury Furniture Vendor is another weekly vendor in the Elder Scrolls Online.  Instead of selling gear, he sells rare furniture for your in-game house.  Similarly to the Golden Vendor, he spawns on Friday and de-spawns on Sunday night, and his goods change every week.  He is located in Cicero’s Food & General Goods shop in the Hollow City in Coldharbour.