Undaunted Pledges


This guide covers the topic of Undaunted Pledges! This guide will go over all the basics, including when you unlock them, what they are, and why you want to do them. Doing your daily undaunted pledges is very important in order to earn as many keys as you can to get as many chests to try and get the monster pieces you need.

  • Level Unlocked: 45
  • Location: Undaunted Enclave
    • Outside of Faction Capitols (Wayrest, Elden Root, Mournehold)
  • Pledges: Quests to go complete dungeons for Undaunted Keys
    • Keys are used for unlocked chests at the enclave to get “monster set” shoulders, which are part of a 2 piece set bonus.
    • The helmet for the 2 piece is acquired by doing the veteran-level dungeon that corresponds to the piece