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ESO Gear Sets Guide

ESO Gear Sets Guide

This Elder Scrolls Online beginner guide covers everything you need to know about set gear! I have been getting a lot of questions about this topic, so I threw together a guide detailing all the different ways to acquire set gear, as well as how to craft yourself some if you don’t want to farm for gear.

Gear Sets are simply pieces of gear that give you extra bonuses the more pieces of that specific set you wear. Quite simple, isn’t it? If you want a specific example of the bonuses you get, the video above will show you.

Gear sets fall into 7 overarching categories. They are:

  1. Overland
  2. Monster Sets
  3. PvP Sets
  4. Arena Sets
  5. Dungeon Sets
  6. Trial Sets
  7. Crafted Sets
    1. Do note that crafted sets require the crafter to know a certain number of traits for each piece, as well as craft the pieces at a specific crafting table. For example, for a crafter to make Julianos gear, they would need to know 6 traits for each piece of gear they were trying to create, as well as create the gear at the special tables in Orsinium.