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How to do a DPS Parse & Optimize Your Damage in ESO

How to do a DPS Parse & Optimize Your Damage in ESO

This Elder Scrolls Online guide teaches you how to run a proper DPS parse as well as improve and optimize your damage. In addition, this guide shows you two amazing addons for PC that will make this process extremely easy and give you a detailed explanation of the damage your doing and how your Champion Points can be improved to increase your damage output.

First question that people always ask is “what is a parse?” Simply put, a parse is like a snapshot of how much damage a character can deal in a certain time period. Guild leaders and trials leaders like to know how much DPS someone can parse when determining if they are eligible to join their raid team. To measure this, we use target dummies, which can be purchased and placed in your player home to use for damage parsing. The three primary dummies you’ll be using to DPS parse are as follows:

  • Target Skeleton – A target dummy with 3 million health. Most commonly used by newer players or to just get a quick snapshot of what your damage looks like.
  • Robust Target Skeleton – A target dummy with 6 million health. This dummy is the gold standard for trials, and when most group leaders ask for a parse, they want it done on the Robust Skeleton since the longer fight puts a bit more strain on your sustain (which better mimics a trials environment).
  • Iron Atronach – A target dummy with 21 million health that also has all buffs/debuffs that would be present in a trial, as well as provides the Shards synergy periodically to help with resource sustain. This dummy is great for solo parsing (since major penetration buffs, elemental drain, shards synergy, etc are provided by the dummy) and getting a rough idea of how much damage your build will deal with all raid buffs running.

There are some “standards” though that you do need to follow when doing a DPS parse. These standards are helpful for establishing how much damage you’ll pull in a trials environment. These standards include allowed help from outside players, as well as how much penetration your character should have, and they are as follows:

  • Use the 6 million dummy or the 21 million dummy. Guilds typically want to see one of these parses, as the 3 million dummy parses don’t last long enough to more accurately simulate a raid encounter’s duration.
    • Note that if you are using the Iron Atronach, you do not need the outside help such as Piercing Mark & Energy Orbs as the Iron Atronach will provide those buffs for you.
  • A Nightblade can use piercing mark for classes that dont have access to major fracture in their kit, so if your parsing as a Stamina Necromancer, Stamina Sorcerer or Stamina Templar. This is allowed since major fracture will always be present in a group environment.
  • All magicka DPS will remove their damage shield/defensive skill and replace it with Elemental Drain, which should be maintained at all times throughout the parse. This provides major breach and minor magickasteal. This is allowed since a healer will always be providing these debuffs inside of a group enironment.
  • Your maximum physical or spell penetration is limited to a maximum value of about 12K. If you want the explanation as to why, check this guide out.
  • Energy Orbs can be provided by a healer for resource sustain and to help procs sets that require a synergy. Again, these will always be present in a group environment.

Recommended addons for DPS parsing:

  • Combat Metrics: This is the gold standard damage parsing addon. Gives an extremely detailed report on your damage parses which are incredibly helpful for improving and getting a look into how your parse went.
  • Constellations: You can import combat metrics parses into this addon, and it will help optimize your blue CP for your particular setup to help you get as much damage at of your champion points as possible.