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Greataxe/Warhammer PvP Build New World

Greataxe/Warhammer PvP Build New World

Build Written By: Dottz Gaming – PC NA

Role: Damage Dealer

Purpose: PvP

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
    1. Gear
    2. Attributes
    3. Skill Tree
    4. Consumables
  3. Rotation & Tips
  4. Contact Info
  5. Update Log


Welcome to DottzGaming.com’s Greataxe Warhammer New World PvP Build! This build is intended for PvP of all kinds: open world PvP, duels, outpost rush and wars!

The Greataxe Warhammer weapon combination in New World is an extremely strong and well-balanced setup, offering strong burst, CC, chase potential and damage reduction. This build is similar to the Greataxe Hatchet in a lot of ways, but in my opinion the peak damage and healing is a bit lower, but it does bring more CC and damage reduction to the table. Similarly to that build though, this setup is very strong and straightforward to use, giving you an easy build to get into pvp with!

Keep in mind that PvP builds are very personal. This is what worked for ME. If you don’t like something about it, change it to fit your playstyle.



Gear Loadout
Gear Slot Name/Stats Weight Perk Gem Acquisition
Head Barbarian Heavy TBD Diamond Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Chest Barbarian Heavy TBD Diamond Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Gloves Barbarian Heavy TBD Diamond Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Legs Barbarian Heavy TBD Malachite Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Boots Barbarian Heavy TBD Malachite Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Shield N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Ring Soldier Jewelry TBD N/A Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Amulet Sentry Jewelry TBD N/A Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Earring Sentry Jewelry TBD N/A Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Weapon 1 Knight Greataxe TBD Emerald Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor
Weapon 2 Knight Warhammer TBD Jasper Crafted/Overland/Faction Vendor

Gear Explanation

  • Equipment Load (Heavy): Heavy armor, in my opinion, is the best equipment load for the build. While light and medium armor give us nice damage/healing increases, as well as better dodges, the lack of range on this build means you’ll need to be tanking damage from opponents. Plus, there’s enough mobility built into your weapon kit that you’re able to use it for mobility as opposed to dodging around. You still have plenty of damage output in heavy, and the extra defenses are from this armor load are worth it.
  • Name/Set: We run a combination of set types in order to help us hit the maximum strength perk (300) without too much overflow, since the scaling dramatically drops after that point. When no extra strength is needed, health is prioritized to help boost our defensive capabilities. You can mix and match the sets as you want, as long as your strength is as close to 300 as it can be with everything else in constitution.
  • Perks: Since New World is still a new game and players are still in the process of reaching level 60, it’s still a bit challenging to worry about perfect perk optimization. Once more players are reaching end-game and acquiring max level gear, this column in the chart will be updated with the optimal perks for the build!
  • Gems: For this setup, we went for a mixture of Malachite and Diamond gems in the armor. This will give us boosts physical damage reduction and elemental damage absorption, giving us a good spread of damage reduction for both magical and physical weapons. Emerald is used for extra execute damage on our Greataxe, while the Jasper is used to help us turn the tide against our opponents while on our Warhammer, giving us a boost to damage after receiving damage.


All points into Strength.

Skill Tree

NOTE: Click here to view the skill tree calculator.


  • Health Potion
  • Regeneration Potion
  • Health Regeneration Food
  • Flex – the choice is up to you!

Rotation & Tips

  • One of the great things about Greataxe/Warhammer is the chase capability and lockdown this weapon combo has. With your greataxe, your goal is to stay up on your opponents, using Reap to pull them in and deal damage, Charge to stay up on them if they try to run, or Gravity Well for when you want to vacuum your opponent(s) into one area and go for a burst. This weapons light attacks hit hard, so weave them in as you’re locking down your opponent.
  • The Warhammer is your more “defensive” weapon between the two, since it offers a lot of damage reduction and crowd control. Open up with Shockwave to stun your opponent, and then follow it up with Armor Breaker and Path of Destiny to hit your opponent with some big burst. Use heavy attacks on the warhammer to gain empower and grit, giving your increased damage and damage reduction!
  • As you start taking damage, use your regeneration potion. This will help keep your health topped off.
  • When you take a big burst of damage, use your health potion to help recover!
  • If you are in a desperate need for health and your potions are on cooldown, get some distance from your opponent and eat food. As long as you dont take damage, your health will quickly regenerate. Once your health gets to a respectable amount or a potion comes off of cooldown, feel free to re-enter the fight!


If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask @Dottz about the build!

Update Log

10/21/2021 – Build created