ESO Top 10 Beginner Tips


This video will give you my top 10 beginner tips for getting started in the Elder Scrolls Online, as well as show you how to level alchemy quickly!  If you want to learn more past these tips, feel free to check out my complete beginner guide.

1. Dont get caught up in end-game builds when starting
2. Dont waste your money on gear
3. Bookshelves
4. Gear research
5. Complete at least 1 dungeon and/or BG per day
6. Pick up everything while you’re adventuring
7. Level up alchemy on every character
8. Deconstruct, don’t vendor, all gear and enchants you don’t need while leveling
9. Pick up the fighter’s, mage’s and undaunted guilds immediately
10. Complete the main quest on every character