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ESO Top 10 Beginner Tips

ESO Top 10 Beginner Tips


This video will give you my top 10 beginner tips for getting started in the Elder Scrolls Online, as well as show you how to level alchemy quickly!  If you want to learn more past these tips, feel free to check out my complete beginner guide.

1. Dont get caught up in end-game builds when starting.
2. Dont waste your money on gear.
3. Always interact with bookshelves.
4. Start research gear traits as soon as you can.
5. Complete at least 1 random dungeon and/or BG per day.
6. Pick up everything while you’re adventuring.
7. Level up alchemy on every character.
8. Deconstruct, don’t vendor, all gear and enchants you don’t need while leveling.
9. Pick up the fighter’s, mage’s and undaunted guilds immediately.
10. Complete the main quest on every character.

ESO builds are currently in the process of being updated for Elsweyr! (click for more)

The ESO builds on the website are currently in the process of being updated for the Elsweyr patch. You can see at the top of each build’s write-up what patch it’s for, as well as an update log at the bottom for what has changed. Please give myself and my web team time to update all of our builds – we are rolling out the updates as quickly as we can! The first mass wave of build updates will be going out on 5/22/2019!