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ESO Transmutation Guide

ESO Transmutation Guide

This guide for the Elder Scrolls Online covers what transmutation is, how to access it and how to acquire the materials to do transmutation!

Transmutation was introduced in the Clockwork City DLC and is a new type of crafting table that allows you to change the trait on your weapons and armor (requires the DLC to access it).  In order to perform a transmutation, you need to have 50 transmutation crystals, which are essentially the “material” for transmuting.  In addition, you need to have the trait researched that you want to change to. For example, if I have a piece of Julianos in Light with the Training trait and I want to change it to Divines, I would need to have 50 transmutation crystals and have Divines researched for light helmets. I would then simply go to the transmutation table and change the helmet trait to divines!

Transmutation Crystals are acquired in a number of ways, and they are:

  • Defeat bosses in Veteran Dungeons
  • Defeat bosses in Veteran Trials
  • Completing Veteran Undaunted Pledges
  • First daily “Random Dungeon”
  • PvP Rewards of the Worthy
    • Regarded as the best way to get crystals. Open 1 RoTW per day to always guarantee you get an uncracked geode.
  • PvP Campaign Rewards
  • Rewards from Holiday Events