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How to Fix Lag and High Ping in MMO-RPG Games (PC Guide)

How to Fix Lag and High Ping in MMO-RPG Games (PC Guide)

High-end PC to run ALL the MMOs? Got it. Connection? …failing!? WHAT?

If doesn’t matter if you have the best PC ever, when you get lag spikes, what you should do? There are tons of options, but the easiest one, is:

Try ExitLag

ExitLag started in Tibia. The founders were fans of the genre and hardcore players of this pixelized, top-down massive adventure. And like you, they encountered lag issues that prevented them from Top Tier performance. So, they created ExitLag, a software that optimizes connection and corrects all the imperfections, so the gameplay stays fluid, like the developers imagined.

Fix High Ping and Lag Spikes in MMO-RPG Games and 500 More Games

Nowadays, ExitLag supports more than 500 games, with lots of MMO titles in their library, such as FFXIV, Black Desert Online, World of Warcraft, Lineage 2, Albion Online and many, many others.

Use ExitLag to reduce Packet Loss and Other Connection Issues

ExitLag solves many problems related to connection issues and even some that are not. If you’re lagging in-game, ExitLag will correct that issue. That’s its main feature in a simple way. ExitLag, however, fix other problems like low FPS and disconnects due to fragile internet connection.

How ExitLag Features Works

In order to fix lag issues for gamers around the globe, ExitLag counts with high-technology servers in all continents and a developing team that is always searching for new features to implement and improve the service, which is pretty neat since the software is always evolving.

Below, you can check all of the quirks and features of the software:

> Multipath Connection

Basically, ExitLag has a technology developed by the owners that uses multiple paths, enhancing and maximizing your connection strength with the game server.

> FPS Boost

This feature has a lot of options to disable non-essential OS resources to improve the PC performance, increasing your FPS.

> Traffic Shaper

ExitLag Traffic Shaper is a free feature you can use to limit the speed of other applications using high download and upload speed.

> Multi Internet

ExitLag automatically shifts connections between two internets you have, in case one fails, you will be connected to another one, giving you stability.

How to Use the ExitLag Free Trial

Wanna know one of the best pars of ExitLag? Its free trial. With the duration of 3 days and no credit card required, its easy to download and start seeing the benefits right away.

Step by step to use ExitLag Free Trial

Downloading the software is quite simple:

1 – Access the website ExitLag.com

2 – Sign-up with your email address and password

3 – Download and Install ExitLag

4 – Open the software and if is first time using it, you will get 3 free days automatically

Stop lagging in your favorite game and start winning it all. Tell us in the comments about your experience with ExitLag!

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