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WoW Content Coming with Shadowlands

WoW Content Coming with Shadowlands

World of Warcraft‘s latest expansion Shadowlands is projected to come out this fall! With this new expansion, Dottz Gaming will be returning to Azeroth, and alongside of this return will be the return of WoW content! Not only will you see content on his Twitch and YouTube channels, but there will also be accompanying website content.

In terms of website content, you can expect written versions of the guides that Dottz makes. The guides that are planned for WoW fall into 4 overarching categories:

  • Beginner Guides
    • Just like with the Elder Scrolls Online, Dottz plans to make his return to WoW with grass-roots beginner guides to help people get started with their first steps into Azeroth! These guides will start to roll out as Shadowlands draws closer and more about the expansion is finalized to prevent any videos/guides he makes from quickly going out of date. Expect these to start rolling out in October.
  • Addon Guides
    • This section of the website will be kept up to date with a list of Dottz’s addons so if you like his user interface configuration, you’ll be able to easily mimic his settings and addons! There will be a written list of Dottz’s addons for Battle for Azeroth up for the remainder of the expansion, with a video detailing the specifics coming out in October.
  • PvP Guides
    • Dottz plans to release a new-player focused series of guides on PvP and arena, helping new combatants step into the arena with confidence!
  • Shadow Priest Guides
    • Dottz’s main class will be his Shadow Priest, and he will release guides to help other priests who embrace the shadows improve their gameplay!