World of Warcraft PvP & Streams Coming Soon!

World of Warcraft’s newest expansion, Battle For Azeroth, is coming August 14, 2018! I plan on playing the new expansion when it comes out a good bit off-stream, and you’ll also see it from me on stream probably about once a week.  Occasionally, you’ll also see a 3v3 arena montage or battlegrounds footage on YouTube, and the stream content will be arena PvP, BGs, leveling, dungeons, just a wide variety of things in game.

My plan once BfA releases is to casually level up a Demon Hunter to 120 and gear him for PvP arenas. My arena team mates will be my brother and my fiance who will be playing a Disc Priest and a BM Hunter respectively. My fiance is going to be relatively new to WoW (she only played up to about level 60), so my brother and I will be spending some time teaching her the ropes and how to play. Eventually once all 3 of us are leveled up to the new cap, we’ll get geared for PvP and start practicing! Once we feel confident to start queuing arenas, we’ll start queuing and seeing how high we can get our rating!

The one thing people keep asking me is how this is going to effect my ESO content, and the answer is that it really won’t all that much. I plan on playing WoW mainly off-stream, and additionally at the most one full stream per week.

I hope you guys are excited to see some new content coming to the channel, and hopefully it brings more people into our community! If you’d like access to the World of Warcraft related channels in the discord server, go into the Bot Commands lobby and type “.iam world of warcraft”, Nadeko will give you the WoW role and you’ll be able to see the WoW related chat and voice lobbies.

I’ll see you all in Azeroth!

-Dottz Gaming