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My User Interface – WoW Addon Guide

My User Interface – WoW Addon Guide

The following is a list of all addons that Dottz Gaming uses when he plays World of Warcraft! He currently uses WoWUp.io to install his addons since the Twitch client dropped support for mods.


  1. Auctionator
  2. Bagnon
  3. BigDebuffs
  4. Deadly Boss Mods
  5. Details! Damage Meter
  6. Easy Frames
  7. GatherMate2
  8. GladiusEx
  9. HandyNotes
  10. KuiNameplates
  11. Lorti UI Remake
  12. OmniBar
  13. OmniCD
  14. Postal
  15. Raider IO
  16. TomTom
  17. TrufiGCD
  18. WeakAuras