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Top 10 BEST Guns in Apex Legends

Top 10 BEST Guns in Apex Legends

This guide, updated for season 4, lists my top 10 BEST guns to use in Apex Legends! I tried to consider all things when making this list, such as recoil control, fire rate, reliance on attachments, damage, bullet spread and more! Below you can find the top 10 list and a quick writeup on each weapon, but for a more in depth look, check out the video above!

1. Prowler

The prowler skyrocketed up our list to the number 1 spot for season 4 after it received a small buff to its damage. Due to this buff, the Prowler now has the same DPS as an R99, but has a larger magazine size. Because of this, the Prowler beats out the R99 on my list since it’s basically the same gun (once it has the select-fire attachment) but with a larger magazine! I still do think though that you need the select-fire hop-up for its full capability, but once you get it it makes the Prowler the best gun in the game. Even without the hop up, the burst fire is still accurate and lays down a ton of damage. The gun is just a good investment to pick up, and its why it brings in our tier list at number 1.

2. R99

The R99 is a close second to the prowler, and only really loses out to the number 1 spot due to its magazine size. This SMG is an absolute bullet hose, melting opponents with its incredibly fast rate of fire and solid damage. This gun definitely requires the user to keep a lot of ammo in their bag since this gun burns through it, and without an extended mag, it will require you to hit nearly shot to take an opponent out. This gun also has a wild kick too, but with proper recoil control and good aim, the R99 is one of the best guns in the game for taking opponents down fast.

3. Peacekeeper

The Peacekeper is a close range powerhouse, sporting some of the best burst damage in the game at close range. If you add the hop up to this gun, you can extend the range of the crazy burst damage if you aim down the sight for a short period of time. The only drawback is if you miss your shot, you do need to rechamber a round which leaves you vulnerable, but with proper LOS utilization and good accuracy, this gun is one of your best options for close range combat. The PK did receive some nerfs in season 4 though, making the re-chamber time for bullets slower and lowering the number of bullets the magazine can hold, making missing a shot with the PK a lot more punishing than it was last season.

4. L-Star

The L-Star got some massive changes from season 3 to season 4. It moved from being a golden gun that was only found in care packages to being in the normal loot pool as an energy weapon. In addition, the gun no longer requires you to reload, but it still has the “overheating” effect so you cant just hold the trigger down forever. With these key buffs, the L-Star has quickly become one of the best guns in the game. The gun deals really good damage, has a solid rate of fire, and can put down opponents incredibly quickly especially early game. The only major drawbacks are that the projectiles it shoots dont have the fastest travel time, and the muzzle flash from the bullets can sometimes obstruct what you’re trying to shoot at.

5. Wingman

The Wingman is a mid-range beast, is the only pistol to make the top 10 list and has moved up the tier list quite a bit from last season. This was due to the base magazine buff it received. Granted, the magazine size of higher quality extended-mags were nerfed, but the biggest drawback for the wingman in my opinion was its early game weakness, which has now been remedied. The gun has really good damage and a decent rate of fire, making it one of the stronger burst weapons in the game. While it has been nerfed several times, it’s still one of the strongest guns to pick up!

6. Hemlock

The Hemlock bring together what the flatline and the prowler have to offer. This is a good damage, highly accurate assault rifle thats makes a good early/mid-game choice for a game of Apex Legends. In my opinion as the game drags on to late game, burst-damage weapons and fully automatic weapons will take over in terms of power, making the 3-shot-burst fire-rate of the Hemlock fall off a bit in terms of effectiveness. But, the single-shot mode of the Hemlock was buffed a bit in season 4, and the fire rate of this mode is much faster, almost making it feel a bit like the G7 scout did last season as that solid mid-range single-shot gun.

7. R-301

The R-301 is the assault rifle version of the R99. It has good range, a solid rate of fire, very low recoil and decent damage. The gun is just a solid all around assault rifle, and is my favorite gun in that category!

8. Flatline

The Flatline was my first favorite gun in Apex Legends and is still my favorite heavy ammo assault rifle. The automatic rate of fire and damage make this gun an incredibly solid choice for an assault rifle. The main drawback is the fact that the fire rate isnt the best, and it has a bit of a serpentine recoil pattern, which can make it a bit more difficult to control than other weapons, especially coupled with the fact that it doesnt have a barrel stabilizer as an attachment option.

9. Sentinel

The Sentinel was the new sniper rifle added with season 4, and already has seen some buffs since its addition to the game, and these key buffs cemented its place here in our top 10 list. It makes a really good sniper rifle, you can use a shield battery to charge it up to make its shot even more powerful, and it can actually make a solid mid-range gun like the G7 scout to act as an armor-breaker, to then allow you to swap to something like a shotgun or an SMG to quickly burn down your shield-less target.

10. G7 Scout

The G7 Scout is currently the #10 gun on my list. It was number 1 for season 3, but some key nerfs (classifying it as an assault rifle, nerfing the fire rate, hip fire accuracy, etc.) moved it down quite a bit on our list.  Despite the nerfs, it still deals a ton of damage, has an incredibly quick fire rate with the double tap, has a solid range since for an assault rifle. Overall, the gun doesnt have any major drawbacks, but the nerfs to it did lower its potency and other guns are currently performing better.